Bad choices / no structure / brain explosions..

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Bad choices / no structure / brain explosions..

Post by Tigerizzed » Tue 24 Jul, 2012 9:11 am

Geeze it was tough watching that last many injuries so many opportunities, do many bad plays.

Does every single game we play have to be "heart attack" football ?

I lost count how many times last night that the wrong decision was made - Benji simply amazes me at how blatant and obvious some his plays have become. I personally could have sold my house in predicting he was going for a short drop out and failing once again! It came off once a few weeks back and everyone thought it was awesome but that dont mean you do it every single chance you get.

This is one example of about 10 that Benji opted wrongly with last night..

Is there ever going to be a game where he plays "safe and structured" football ?

Twice this year they did that and got a good result - against Canberra and the week after that - both games in the rain and bad conditions - why can't they play like this consistently ?!

I'm sorry - but it's not 2005 anymore and EVERY player, coach and couch potatoe watching at home know exactly how to beat the us..surely some things need to be changed, we are NOT that team anymore.

Simply run at Marshall, Reddy and get your arms free after they try to grab your collar and offload the ball - and the line is open ! It's virtually as simple as that to beat us..and teams are doing it week in and week out.

Clearly the boys are looking around at Benji shaking they're heads at some of his choices, and it's getting to the point where fingers are going to begin getting pointed in his direction.

For a start I think all media garbage on the footy show should be dropped, everyone goes on and on about Ryan making sure he plays good football with his role on the footy show - but ever since BM has been on the box his game plays have been ridiculous, and let's face it- he don't offer much on the tv also, it's borderline Wendle Sailor..

Before all the Benji lovers run to his defense, I am a fan and agree he is our best player but he needs to stand up and play with a mature football
brain and think about his actions and decision making processes because at the moment your doing anything at all to benefit your team mates and invade he has forgotten this is a "team" game !

And now here we are - backs to the wall injuries galore - playing against a red hot side this Sunday and we have to bring in our nurtured and much anticipated debutants for our lower grades and be forced into a "sink or swim" situations..

Sounds a lot like the opportunities that Miller, Lazurus got thrown at them and where are those boys now ?

God help us against the bunnies next week - GULP!

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Post by you know who » Tue 24 Jul, 2012 9:14 am

Gonski, may as well start planning our end of season trip and concentrate on next year and start blooding some new players, there is no way we will be competitive against good sides with so many players out injured.

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Post by cktiger » Tue 24 Jul, 2012 9:46 am

The title of your thread describes our last few years - not only last night.
What do you do?
Obviously Sheens can't control Marshall who, with years of experience , should have started to show some composure.
It's bleeding obvious now he's never going to be more than a freakish attacking weapon.
That's fine - stop trying to make him into an organiser and let him do his thing.
But can the rest of the team play with some structure , please?

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