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Post by greatodensraven » Sun 04 Aug, 2013 6:03 pm

WestsSupporter wrote:AND SLOOOOWWW

I almost cried when I saw a forward out-pace him
Yeh very disappointing. Shouldn't be in the backline

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Post by ragedmachine » Sun 04 Aug, 2013 8:07 pm

When he caught the intercept I got my popcorn an he's slower than I thought, this guy is done.

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Post by Tigerpete » Sun 04 Aug, 2013 8:18 pm

It was sad to see when he took that intercept. Looked like he had concrete in his shoes. Stiff and slow. The writing Is on the wall for Chris, a Luke Lewis style move looks his best bet. The 2014 pre season is crucial for him now. He simply must show some signs of improvement otherwise I don't know where the club goes.

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Post by Mccarry » Sun 04 Aug, 2013 8:32 pm

ragedmachine wrote:When he caught the intercept I got my popcorn an he's slower than I thought, this guy is done.
I had heard he had slowed up, though seeing him run today I felt so sorry for him.

The common result of a hip dislocation is the membrane that covers the acetabulum dies. It happens due to the blood supply being cut off during the dislocation. Once this happens the ball and socket joint goes from being as smooth as a bowling ball sliding down a lane to being like bowling down a lane coated in honey.

He has so much potential. It is another Dwyer situation. It will take another year to play out. He would already know.

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Post by BodhiTiger » Sun 04 Aug, 2013 8:38 pm

I been trying to be upbeat and positive about Chris (one of my favourites), but today showed just how far he has fallen.

So many on here have been harping on about his lack of speed since the injury and this I thought was BS, as I knew Chris took time to wind up before he hit top speed and I hadn't really seen him in the open, until today.

Sadly, I was wrong, that speed is long gone and possibly for good.

I still think he hits the line hard and maybe just maybe, if he was to drop 7kg in the off season and dedicated his entire off season to defence training, we might see the Chris of old.
I'm not giving up on Chris just yet!

If Benchy can have 7 off seasons and he is given the benefit of the doubt he will come good, I'm prepared to give Chris another shot next year.
A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.

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Post by Snake » Sun 04 Aug, 2013 8:52 pm

I really think that he should consider were he is at because it,s not going to get any easier next year .I suppose all athletes get to this juncture in there career.

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Post by Tigerdave » Sun 04 Aug, 2013 8:56 pm

can't believe he got run down, very sad to see, yet another player who's career has been smacked by an injury.

I just don't think we'll see any improvement in his speed.

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Post by jirskyr » Mon 05 Aug, 2013 12:05 pm

It's not his outright speed that concerns me, plenty of backrowers in this comp can run down centres, just see how fast Lyon, Hodges, Matt Cooper, Jonathan Wright, Pomeroy, Willie Tonga, are in open space. He certainly has to find a new element to his game.

What does concern me is the defensive reads. We all know he has become a dead-set liability; we are horrible at defending the second-man play and Lawrence is the left-side target every time. He's that guy on your team where you scream to him "he's mine, he's mine!" and he tackles your man anyway.

It goes like this:
- two guys hard up the middle, suck in the half
- second man wraps around, gets ball, is on outside of half
- halfback slides to cover

At this point the centre either needs to trust his cover, or if totally beaten, come in hard and have the winger come in with him. Hopefully the half is fast enough to slide (questionable with Anasta but you should still trust him), but even if you come in, the winger needs to come in with you.
Lawrence for whatever reason commits to the second man wrapper as soon as the play starts. He's either fixing on the second man and not moving his feet, or charging solo out of the line like a berserker.

Takarangi’s try yesterday was a prime example, Anasta pushes off the dummy runner and has a fairly clear sliding shot on Sezer, half on half. But Lawrence already has eyes only for the second man. Sezer knows this, he just runs towards Lawrence and holds up the pass until he commits. Lawrence steps into Sezer so late that Simona has no time to react, Anasta is standing right next to Sezer when he lets the pass go. Anasta can’t make the ground to now cover Takarangi, Simona is beaten and the fullback hasn’t made it from the other side of the field yet. You can see Anasta grimace in frustration as Takarangi strolls over.

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