10 Reasons We Will beat Titans

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10 Reasons We Will beat Titans

Post by tigermaniac » Sat 26 Apr, 2014 6:20 pm

laufoofan wrote:I will give the 11th reason for beating the Titans and beating them convincingly at Leichart.In Foxtel Steve Walters and Hindmarsh have picked the Titans to beat the west Tigers. They claimed that the West Tigers have fluked in their previous wins against the Titans and the Eels. We have to show them it is no fluke and in beating the Titans I don not want any mercy to be shown. Smashed them in the forwards first and let our backs run all over them. We have to show them we are indeed made of steel and we are not fake. Every player of ours is a proven quality and there are no free carry. The players also have to show that they can still score tries without Farah and Tedesco. The players have to stand up and be counted.
The Titans got mauled by the boys, and Parramatta are just hopeless. Watch the Parramatta games and you will see that when they start a set on their own 10 metre line, only 10% of the time do they get over half way before the 5th tackle.

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Post by Demps » Sat 26 Apr, 2014 8:41 pm

Well written, good read.

Gotta agree with everything that was said especially regarding Blake Austin.

Hes a gun and an exciting player to watch. Can't wait to see him throughout the year, absolute super star.

Good stuff Milky

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