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Re: Kids Footy

Posted: Mon 27 Mar, 2017 10:18 pm
by happy tiger
ALX22 wrote:
Mon 27 Mar, 2017 10:13 pm
happy tiger wrote:
Thu 16 Feb, 2017 11:22 pm
Looks like our juniors will lose 3 sides this year Under 16 ,Under 17's and Under 14's

Yet the Under 6's at our club had over 36 kids and will field 5 teams

Do any other junior clubs across the country have the same issues that they know of ??
This problem has been going on for many years with these age groups. Has some of your key players left to join bigger clubs???

Not sure how to fix the problem, but obviously the hierarchy needs to sit down with all clubs/parents to determine a suitable arrangement.
Traditionally Brothers have been a strong club , they made the GF in every grade in Juniors bar my boys

No one has left the club , we've been lucky in a sense last two weeks have been rained out , we may have had to forfeit on the weekend

Re: Kids Footy

Posted: Mon 15 May, 2017 12:35 am
by wd in perth
Joondalup Giants under 16s here have 29 registered players here but only one team as there's always around 5 or so that are either sick or can't get to games due to distance they have to travel, or work schedule of parents etc. Our neighbouring club North Beach under 16s have 8 or 9 registered. A more centrally controlled registration system might need to be considered. Maybe maximum number to be allocated to each team to ensure a more even spread. I don't know, surely some clever people out there can work something out.
A trial against the Fremantle roosters 2 weeks ago ended in a 20 all draw and today's game finished at 22 all with our goal kicker missing a conversion from in front after the siren. Both great games....bring on the rest of the season.

Re: Kids Footy

Posted: Mon 15 May, 2017 12:45 am
by wd in perth
A fantastic show by the under 14s freo roosters boys today. They were far too strong for their competitors and we're up by 30 odd. The tigers got one back late with a great solo try. Then the roosters kicked off and the ball was picked up by a kid who was obviously way out of his depth but definitely part of his team. He ran straight through the defence and the roosters chased him all the way to the try line, but never getting close. The young fella put it down and his team mates all celebrated like they'd won a gf. The try scorer (we think) was challenged in some way as the defensive lapse was obviously put on. Brilliant show Roosters. Very, very impressive.

Re: Kids Footy

Posted: Sun 31 Dec, 2017 12:52 am
by happy tiger
Boys start training next Thursday arvo

New coach , few new players from rugby

Just wish I could work out a way to have work and football mix for the young bloke and coach him for at least one year

Re: Kids Footy

Posted: Sat 17 Feb, 2018 6:48 pm
by goldcoast tiger
Not good news from the RL this week. Nothing in the wind about the inequity of size and experience in the lower ages. Rugby is already addressing the problem so is the Afl , or so I’m told. But nothing from the ostriches wlth their heads in the sand the GOod Ole RL.

Our club on the GC (one of the biggest) is starting to feel the loss of 10, 11, and 12 teams, easily the biggest problem is the increase of the bigger and in some cases older, kids and the fear of parents for their kids.
If they don’t wake up soon, junior league is going to be feeling the backlash of a lot of mums and Dads
The coming discussions about concussion won’t be helping us either,
I know that kids are really safe in the young ages, they would be just as likely to get a bruise or two in the playground ,

Buy we have to fight the perception in the parents minds.
There’s an add for kids from the RL on TV which does nothing to allay any parents fears, As well as being the most boring add for kids sport that I’ve ever seen.
Whose running the asylum at the Nrl, get some money and decent people into the junior clubs, or we will continue to lose players,
As well as that Stop kids from playing UNLESs they have a legit Birth Certificate.
There aresome families who look at rep teams as a way into a better family future.and anything goes to get their kids there is good, some of their birthdays are loose at the least,
But the clubs are too busy getting their rego money in,