Poor brooks

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Re: Poor brooks

Post by happy tiger » Fri 13 Jun, 2014 10:23 pm

Milky wrote:Anyone who thinks Brooks was poor is crazy
Milky he was poor tonight

List all the good options he took ??

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Post by thesquid » Fri 13 Jun, 2014 10:27 pm

happy tiger wrote:
thesquid wrote:
southerntiger wrote:
thesquid wrote:Brooks is not delivering in attack. Im not going to prop him up like many here do. He has to be better.
Rubbish. If Brooks poor, than Reynolds shouldnt be in first grade. Your standards are way too high squid.

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When it comes to the halves pairing, you must have high standards. If Brooks isn't ready and needs a baby sitter as bad as Anasta, then the team is better off with someone who is ready and doesn't need a baby sitter on their inside.

Who's fault is it that our halves are pretty much the most ineffective in the comp right now?
Brooks has been good all season taking everything into account

He had one of those bad nights you have to expect from 19 year olds that are under pressure
Im not saying just tonight. He has been great in patches, but mostly ineffective and sometimes too individual.

There is nothing wrong with wanting or even needing him to be better, because he does need to be. He is not the finished product, that's for sure.

We have a half that is not a finished product and a 5/8 that shouldn't be a 5/8. Together, they are ineffective. That has a lot to do with Brooks not delivering in attacking points, but if we have to have Anasta in order to have Brooks, then I believe we would be better off with a different pairing all together.

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