Gutsy effort but we need more impact off bench

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Re: Gutsy effort but we need more impact off bench

Post by AmericanHistoryX » Sun 22 Mar, 2015 8:45 pm

build as much as you want - you make mistakes - you pay the price - today - we made holes through the rabbits but untold times already tonight expressed by forum members - we didn't capitalize on our good defensive work. We could of built a good score today if not for our mistakes
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Post by sunshine coast tiger » Sun 22 Mar, 2015 9:01 pm

Angry Tiger 1 wrote:The bench wasn't the problem. Execution and completion rates were the problem.
This is true. Our poor attack in the opposition 20 in the first half cost us any chance of winning the game.

Their is a lot of positives from the side so far this year the main one for me being our defence.

Personally I think Lodge if not injured is in the top 17, he goes forward really well.

I for one also think we have a number of young back rowers in the club that are much more effective attackers than Santi. I don't think Santi does enough in defence to stay in the top 17 and against the bulldogs next week I would replace him with some one else (LL would be my choice).

I think starting Keith on the bench might also help the rotation, especially during the period Lodge is out.

My worries is the halves. The both have a lot of talent but they are not playing their natural games. I think JT has put a lot of structure in the play and I am not sure it works. Moses for mine has always been an off the cuff unpredictable player, I think I agree with Sterlo he is a footballer. I would not be against playing Drinkwater in some games this year ( he has a great kicking game).

Next year I would try to recruit a Gareth Ellis type back rower (imagine him at his prime in this team) and the best centre we can find (Lawrence is not the same player and can't get back to his pre hip injury very high standards, we need a better player in that position next year).

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Post by Tigermama » Sun 22 Mar, 2015 10:38 pm

It was the mistakes, silly penalties and lack of discipline that let us down, but i'm so relieved we only lost by 14 points. Promising signs ahead. Our defence was good, and so were our big men. Brooks and Moses need to get better, especially with their kicking game and last tackle options. PHEW... Glad this round's over... Now for next week.

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