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Wests Tigers call on Campbelltown faithful

Posted: Sun 24 May, 2015 3:31 pm
by jctiger
cunno wrote:
Ed Reschs wrote:
cunno wrote:A lot of empty members seats on the eastern side of the ground must be a concern for the club.
Um not as much as the hundreds of empty seats in the western grandstand. The top deck is sold out to members every game yet they don't turn up.

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I sit in the top deck of the western stand and there weren't 100s of spare seats yes there were some empty seats.
Likewise, i sit up top in the western stand and there weren't that may spare seats

Re: the eastern stand, there is always plenty of spare seats. I just don't think they have the members to fill them. I don't know why the just don't allow the GA ticket holders to use them

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