Halatau determined to finish strong

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Halatau determined to finish strong

Unread post by willow » Thu 02 Jul, 2015 8:26 pm

Halatau determined to finish strong

Dan Talintyre (Twitter: @dantalintyre)
Thu 2nd July, 02:59PM

After missing last week's loss to the Panthers with a groin injury, Dene Halatau is determined to finish the season with a run of strong performances — starting with Monday night's crucial clash against the Parramatta Eels at ANZ Stadium.

Standing in as captain this week with both Aaron Woods and Robbie Farah away with State of Origin commitments, Halatau said that he understood how tough the last few weeks have been on the players and fans alike, but emphasised his determination to ensure the 2015 season finished on a positive note and with a run of consistent performances.

"We need to go into next week's bye with some positive feelings," Halatau said.

"Getting a win will do that for us. Having a good win on Monday will give us a good platform to come off strong off the bye and finish the season strong.

"Because the reality is that there's still time. We're working hard at training, and that's all we have to do in terms of preparation — work hard at training.

"If we're working hard, the results will come. You can't work hard day in and day out and not expect the results to show, and I think that's going to happen.

"There's still plenty of games left to win and push for the top eight."

Halatau also said how important a strong supporter base in the final rounds of the year — saying he understands the passion and frustration that comes with a disappointing loss — but urged the Club's Members and fans to hold firm in their support of the side.

"Fans are passionate," Halatau said. "They feel a loss as hard we do, and when they're not happy with what they're seeing, they'll say whatever they think is the right thing to say.

"So I'll never knock a fan's passion.

"[But] we believe in what Jason Taylor's doing here for us and as I said before, we know what we're doing at training and where the work [to be done] lies.

"We've all bought in, and we're willing to work.

"However long it takes to become a more consistent and better-performing side, we'll do it."

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Unread post by Flippedy » Thu 02 Jul, 2015 11:15 pm

Oh God, these pieces are becoming the biggest YAWN!
Sooner or later, next year has to be this year - Ricksen

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Unread post by alexaki » Thu 02 Jul, 2015 11:38 pm

Flippedy wrote:Oh God, these pieces are becoming the biggest YAWN!
And so are the player/coach interviews from our media manager.... If I hear " what did you take away from the last game " again I'll scream ... The same question and same answers again and again

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Unread post by TigerLife » Fri 03 Jul, 2015 5:00 am

'Finishing the year strong'..... would be not getting the wooden spoon... which might become a reality after this round

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Unread post by The Tooth » Fri 03 Jul, 2015 8:48 am

One thing at least is the players are publicly sticking by JT.

They might believe or say otherwise in private, but the club doesn't need that aired through the media, because I'm pretty sure JT will be around for another season or 2.

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Unread post by cunno » Fri 03 Jul, 2015 9:11 am

The Tooth wrote:One thing at least is the players are publicly sticking by JT.

They might believe or say otherwise in private, but the club doesn't need that aired through the media, because I'm pretty sure JT will be around for another season or 2.
True, the club doesn't need any discontent, if there is any, aired in public but is this article something like having the full support of the board?

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Unread post by foreveratiger » Fri 03 Jul, 2015 9:24 am

So can we assume that Halatau and Pat Richards won't be here next year ? What about Ava ?

Not a lot of communication happening to the fans from the Club.
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Unread post by Newtown » Fri 03 Jul, 2015 9:35 am

Halatau was team captain when West Tigers won their match against Souths. He appears to be a good communicator on the field and one that our young players respect and follow. Are players like Halatau, not internationals, the time of captain needed for our young side. I think so.

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