2019 Daring Predictions

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Spud Murphy
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Re: 2019 Daring Predictions

Post by Spud Murphy » Wed 10 Oct, 2018 10:38 am

Roosters v Brisbane GF
Cleary to stay one more year
No more recruits (of note) at WT for next season - 2020 will be a different story
WT season to be much the same as this year - won't make 8, but won't be too far off either
Roosters to sign Tapau next season, Munster possibly the year after if not next season also
Manly or Titans for the spoon

And my most confident prediction! -
Ref issues to be front and centre news once again, WT still on the wrong end of the 50/50 calls in most matches

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Post by TheDaBoss » Mon 15 Oct, 2018 9:12 am

Anything could happen tbh, people thought cowboys or parramatta would have won this year but look what happened to them -_-
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