How did you become a Wests Tigers fan?

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Re: How did you become a Wests Tigers fan?

Post by formerguest » Sat 05 Apr, 2014 8:30 am

formerguest wrote:Thanks Goose for bumping the thread.

Being an older fan, as a result of Mr Murdoch's folly and the resulting merger, I am now supporting this club.

My earliest memory in life is the day of the 1969 Grand Final. I think this disease took a hold on me due to my love of the game (my Uncle from mum's side and his son coaching junior teams to which I signed up for not long after my 4th birthday) and with my dad's brother and his wife being absolutely fanatical in their support of Balmain, my cards had been dealt.

I would hassle my father to take me to every Leichhardt game, but being from a largish traditional family, he often could not take me as he was working overtime to make ends meet. Dad telling Frank Hyde's assistant "I don't care if he can't see, neither can my son" when he complained about dad holding me up during a very wet Manly game is a cherished memory.

Always had a soft spot for Wests, particularly throughout the Roy Masters era as my cousin despite her parents, followed Manly.

Have only been to one game at Cambeltown, and with life's changes have not been to a game in a while. With my toddler getting to an understanding stage, it may well be time to get back out to a match and see if he gets infected.
With some enjoying a read of the current supporter story thread, I thought about this one and decided to give it another bump.

My just turned four year old is now getting his dose and got his face painted up as a tiger at the kidzone area prior to his second match at the bunnies game. Spends half his time at the ground looking for Timmy the tiger and loved his membership kit. He loves the atmosphere at the ground and even performed the "Tigers (clap, clap, clap) Tigers" chant when we watched a replay of the start of the Warriors game after his birthday party last week. His fate is sealed.

Also got me thinking about his finding a WT cap post and that I can't recall any recent posts from Smeghead?

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