Press Conference: NRL Round 25...

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Re: Press Conference: NRL Round 25...

Post by Tigerdave » Mon 31 Aug, 2015 7:31 am

fairly interesting, Robbie doesn't want to go and doesn't really have to and if he can produce that kind of performance consistently, hell if the whole side can produce that kind of performance consistently then he'll still be in first grade next year.

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Glen McWilliams
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Post by Glen McWilliams » Mon 31 Aug, 2015 7:33 am

vlad wrote:gotta watch a couple of times to digest the body language of these 2 guys ... 092&vc=222

starts with robbie looking like he's going to bite his lip off

JT as awkward as ever but hey not everyone is barrack obama .

interesting interaction between the 2 at the end when they look at each other . kind of makes you think some bridges may be mended in the next week .
Students of body language would fill a semester analysing that presser
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