our top 17 can win comp

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Re: our top 17 can win comp

Post by hobbo » Mon 28 Mar, 2016 8:52 pm

foreveratiger wrote:Talk about some wrist slitters on this Forum :brick: .

8-0 loss , hardly an embarrassment....they beat us by one try :roll: . Parra are going to go deep in this Comp .

We lacked some ideas at times in attack and handed over cheap possession at times.....the Eels defence is brilliant .
Thought the effort and commitment was there just didn't execute our plays well.

Didn't understand JT's tactic in leaving Cherrington unused till the 70th minute and loosing Grant early in the 1st half for failing a concussion test hurt us and we could of done having an extra forward instead of having Cherrington sitting on the sidelines watching the game.

I must admit Farah makes our attack look so Pedestrian at times and is way to slow with his service...he seems undecided at times with the ball like not sure if he has to pass it or run it , we know we can rely on his defence but just seemed very Pedestrian for my liking Today.

I thought that game was a total embarrassment .
In fact it was our worst effort with the ball since last years Cowboys game ,
Yeah Parra defended well , so did we , but we didn't give them a lot to defend did we .

Agree, with the 3 hookers, absolute ludicrous IMO .
Taylor needs a kick up the arse for that doozy .

As for the OP , our top 17 winning the comp ...
We need mongrel ..
No more plodders !

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Post by GNR4LIFE » Mon 28 Mar, 2016 10:15 pm

That was the most frustrating game i've sat through since the Cowboys game last yr. While i was pretty annoyed after the game initially, i've mellowed a bit tonight and have decided to take the positives out of it. Our defence was great, we really hung in there. It wasn't like the Cowboys last yr where they threw absolutely nothing at us, Parra, though scrappy as well really challenged our line. As someone who was really worried about defence leading into this game, had someone told me we'd only concede 8 points i'd have been rapt. But then there's the fact we also lost the game. If we build on that defensive performance, we'll do a lot of damage this yr, because our attack won't be like that every week. We won't be winning any comps this yr, but we can def challenge for the 8. This is one of those rare occasions i'm feeling pretty good after a loss.

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