Kick for goal

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Re: Kick for goal

Post by GNR4LIFE » Sun 12 Mar, 2017 9:37 pm

Nothing will change till we address the elephant in the room. The right hand side defence. What's it going to take for Kev to be moved out of the centres. It kills us. And some thought Rankin was our biggest problem.

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Post by ryanda01 » Sun 12 Mar, 2017 9:46 pm

Agree with Ink. He misses we prob go down by more. When you are playing like busteds and it's 2 all, it's all luck after that.

ancient magpie
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Post by ancient magpie » Sun 12 Mar, 2017 10:07 pm

i also agree with ink naigama should be on the wing at best he is another favourite like rankin whats wrong wrong with heleta at leasthe stays on his man and doesnt leave the winger posted like naigama does constantly

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Post by Harvey » Sun 12 Mar, 2017 10:26 pm

It was 2 all after the kick. If we had not conceded another 30 odd points, it would have been a draw.

While we might have been on top, we failed to score any further points all game, an so takin the tap would have likely resulted in knock on, kick going dead etc.

This was not the turning point of the game. Today the defence was completely soft up up the middle with Penrith making ground at will. The overall performance was crap and trying to link the loss back to "we shouldn't have taken a shot" at the 25 min mark is fantasy at its best

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Post by Tiger4life » Sun 12 Mar, 2017 10:28 pm

king sirro wrote:
Sun 12 Mar, 2017 7:49 pm
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Sun 12 Mar, 2017 7:29 pm
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Sun 12 Mar, 2017 6:04 pm
Get a grip ks, a decision to take 2 points that early in the match could hardly be blamed for the entire 34 point loss! Seriously? Besides, even if we took the set of 6 at that stage there was no guarantee that we'd have scored - they couldn't buy a try today, probably would've ended up 36 - 0!
Mate never underestimate the "swing" that occurs in todays game. We were the better team up until that point. Thats how rugby league is now. One bad call can change everything. The swing came right then. That call cost us.

I have no doubt at all the game goes down to the wire if we dont kick for goal. Opinion of course, but still very confident.

Penrith were gone. I really believe if we attack there we score 2 tries before halftime.

The call was horrible mate. 90% of people can see it.
Have a lie down mate...youve been in the sun too long

Before the kick we had bombed two tries, had been on the line several more sets and couldnt crack had 6 or 7 goes at their line, hardly ''the better team''

I thought at the time it was a breather kick, looked like it may have been a close game at the time....

We cracked soon after ..simple as that
I think u just described exactly why i think it was a bad call to justify why u think it was a good call. We cracked soon after u say... um thats exactly what i said was about to happen but we gave up that chance to kick a goal. They would have cracked not us. Thats the point. Its a disgraceful decision and every decent judge is saying its the turning point.

Blatantly wrong call Innk. Most know it.

Would it have changed the result, i have my doubts. But i definitely feel it eliminated any chance.
Little moments in games can have massive impacts i agree. We should have bee ahead by a try or two at the time so that's why i think we needed to go for it. We score we get a massive breather. We dont and they are coming out of their line with 5 minutes to go. The last 7 minutes in the first half changed the whole game.

In saying that, the most alarming thing for me was how gassed we were in the last 10 minutes of the first half. Ive never seen anything like it. We couldnt move up, we couldnt get back. It was like they were playing touch footy for us. Did we over train this week, did the heat really get to us that bad, or are we that unfit??

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Post by jirskyr » Sun 12 Mar, 2017 11:15 pm

What I'm curious about is did the captain take the 2, or did the sideline? Moses looked over to the side but the camera never panned to see who was directing him.

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Post by ricksen » Sun 12 Mar, 2017 11:25 pm

There were plenty of momentum shifting incidents in the game - that kick wasn't in the top 20.

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Post by Eddie » Sun 12 Mar, 2017 11:26 pm

It was a very dumb call.

On a hot day we had them on the back foot but couldn't quite get over. That was our chance. Even if you don't score you make them make another 6 tackles and ruck it out from their end.

I said so at the time - dumb call.

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Post by Tigertigertiger » Sun 12 Mar, 2017 11:28 pm

Should have went for 40 field goals

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