LUI-AYSHFORD-FITZY combo + the bench

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Re: LUI-AYSHFORD-FITZY combo + the bench

Post by BRET » Sun 21 Mar, 2010 7:34 pm

cnx_tigers wrote: Sheens needs to drop the pre match set plan and adapt to what the hell is going on out there.
It would be nice wouldn't it. But no, he has his set plan and nothing on the field will change it.

Poor Ayshford had to cover more than his share of defense with other players moving out of position.
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Post by jirskyr » Mon 22 Mar, 2010 9:47 am

Phil Graham's first try I think showed the weakness most. For starters, they never numbered up. From the Roosters play the ball you can see they have 5 to the left vs Lui / Ayshford / Fitzy. Moltzen is standing right there behind the ruck but doesn't call anyone in. The markers are slow back and the Roosters fire the move, Lui is beaten on the outside, Ayshford tries to slide and puts almost no shot on Graham, Fitzy watches the whole thing like a confused statue.

It was embarrassing how easily the Roosters could line up numbers, run to the line and put someone through a hole.

Not that it was confined to the right side, with Pearce cutting through our left first up then that mug Guerra crossing for a double off some simple hole-running.

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Post by AndTheKungFoSing » Mon 22 Mar, 2010 9:50 am

jirskyr wrote:Fitzy watches the whole thing like a confused statue.
I hate South Sydney.... immensely

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