Stats from last night

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Stats from last night

Post by Harvey » Sat 20 May, 2017 2:08 pm

Some of this should make embarrassing reading for our team
Tedesco 23 runs 206m 1 tackle 0 missed tackles
Nofa 15 runs 134m 5 tackles 1 missed tackle
MWZ 12 runs 100m 21 tackles 3 missed tackles
Suli 12 runs 128m 11 tackles 2 missed tackles
Kev 17 runs 138m 2 tackles 0 missed tackles
JLJ 6 runs 32m 18 tackles 6 missed tackles
Rankin 7 runs 48m 20 tackles 3 missed tackles
Woods 18 runs 139m 23 tackles 1 missed tackles
MM 4 runs 40m 23 tackles 4 missed tackles
Sue 6 runs 45m 20 tackles 4 missed tackles
Edwards 5 runs 31m 24 tackles 1 missed tackles
Lovett 12 runs 67m 37 tackles 2 missed tackles
ET 7 runs 64m 41 tackles 1 missed tackles

Grant 8 runs 85m 19 tackles 0 missed tackles
Aloiai 7 runs 59m 9 tackles 1 missed tackles
liddle 4 runs 47m 27 tackles 2 missed tackles
MCK 7 runs 60m 21 tackles 2 missed tackles

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Post by oldprop » Sun 21 May, 2017 10:41 am

Only one forward running for 100m. Hard night.
Need more props.

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Post by WT2K » Sun 21 May, 2017 10:49 am

Well that's horrible reading - only one forward over 100m
The star of the team is the team.

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Post by Russell » Sun 21 May, 2017 10:58 am

Can't believe Lovett ran 67 metres.

I think they were counting his run onto and off the field at the start of he game, on and off at 1/2 time and off the field at full time.

Every time I saw him with the ball he was lucky to get 3 metres.

This guy should be playing A grade - I must stress I have nothing against A grade.

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Post by Earl » Sun 21 May, 2017 11:57 am

I thought Lovett was fine apart from the dropped ball. He has a go.

Woods gets 7.7 metres per hit-up. Grant 10.6. ET 9.1. Aloiai 8.4. Sue 7.5. Woods has a big motor and on occasions he goes really well but overall I honestly think we are better off without him there. McIlwrick is great but we definitely need Liddle there because he can run from dummy half.

I don't believe those missed tackles are completed accurate though because Edwards missed some tackles cold. He was just out of position.

Not a single outside back ran less than 100 metres.

We just can't match a quality team like the Broncos unless we are playing disciplined smart stingy defensively footy.

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Post by larrycorowa » Wed 24 May, 2017 10:58 pm

They must of counted the metres he made getting driven back or sideways in foetal position

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