Felise hoping 2018 smiles on him

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Re: Felise hoping 2018 smiles on him

Post by willow » Tue 06 Feb, 2018 8:07 pm

Well if he's going to work his way back into FG, he's really got to step it up because Eiso and Twal certainly didn't waste their chance last year and deservedly start ahead of Felise. I think he's on the small side for a prop these days and could be an option at lock if he works on his workrate. I believe he's tipping the scales some 5kg lighter than last year so he's obviously worked hard on his fitness and watching his diet. Will it translate to improved form? Here's hoping...

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Post by ALX22 » Tue 06 Feb, 2018 9:49 pm

A young prop, who had injury problems, and wasn't fit enough. I wish JJ a successful year, otherwise a change of clubs may be necessary for his future prospects.

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