Your Favoutite Moment or Game from 2009

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Re: Your Favoutite Moment or Game from 2009

Post by Eye Of Wests Tigers » Fri 30 Oct, 2009 9:58 am

Had to be vs Cowboys at Liechardt Oval. Packed out hill on a 3pm sunday avro kick off, one of the best experiences i have had. I remember when Bowen was put in after the 1st minute everyone went silent! Then Benji off the scrum combined with Watts dogshot on Farah started to fire up the crowd. Then the noise was defening when Farah got his own back with Watts, Pretty sure he got a few in there! Everyone had sprung to life, atmosphere was something special and best try was seeing Gallant go in on a Benji inside ball to sprint past Matty Bowen--> that incoupled with the mighty mouse wanting to go Carl Webb

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Post by alien » Mon 09 Nov, 2009 10:53 pm

Hmmm my favorite game this year would probably be the NSW Cup game at Campbelltown Stadium, Western Suburbs Vs Balmain Ryde. The Magpies never looked like losing and my favorite moment was from that game was when Gallant attempted a conversion from the sideline with the loud "LOLLY LEGS" chant from right behind him from the front row from a few Balmain Ryde supporters. Gallant gave them a smile when it went right over the black dot...


Post by TigerGirl » Tue 10 Nov, 2009 5:35 pm

My fave moment was just Tuiaki. I guess seeing him trample and smash the defence like an insane rhino and score like a demon for the Tiges, well its been a long time since someone like him has played on our wing.

Worst - yeah I agree with everyone else - those 4 losses by 2 or less points killed us. Really the Eels run should have been us in so many ways. Even 1 more win would have given us that opportunity.

Plus the injuries we sustained in that Parra match in the 3rd last match of the year I think it was? SHi'ite

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