Woods and Fifita

Kickoff: Monday 14 March, 7pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Telecast: FOX2 Live
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Re: Woods and Fifita

Post by Goose » Tue 15 Mar, 2011 11:32 am

watch the replay in the light of day this morning, agree these 2 went well, thought Fifita was a much improved player from last year, looked fit and alot more mobile.
He did have a couple of good straight charges which i think was new as well.
The forwards as a hole went alot better than i remembered (after watching live), we actually had not much trouble going forward and stopped them reasonable well with a couple of exceptions. Fultons miss on morris the obvious exception.
Our last tackle options and effectiveness were deplorable, and we kicked (often poorly) on the 3rd and 4th way too often.
Robbie was very quiet in attack, defended well, but not himself, not sure why we played so conservative, it was leaving our best weapon (our creativity and flair) in the kit bag, hopefully we dont do that again!

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Post by bonstonker » Tue 15 Mar, 2011 11:36 am

the way woods has been talked up on here it was good to see fifita rise to the challenge.
woods was ok.

happy tiger
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Post by happy tiger » Tue 15 Mar, 2011 11:43 am

It was a pity that our big names did not stand up like Woods and Fifita I thought Fifta was our best last night and Woods needed more game time If bryce is fit (I doubt he will be) I would keep Fifita . Then again i will be surprised if Gareth Ellis will play after rolled ankle so both will play . My starting pack would be
13 Heighington
12 Fulton
11 Fifita
10 Payten
9 Farah
8 Gallaway
bench forwards Dwyer Woods Shirnack
Again this assuming Gibbs and Ellis not playing

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Post by willow » Tue 15 Mar, 2011 12:26 pm

There was an article posted here last week on Fifita saying how he was disappointed with how he finished last year, his weight had blown out to 118kg so he worked very hardin the off-season to get down to 110kg. It certainly showed last night as he was a lot more mobile around the ruck and got through more defence. As far as attack goes, he's very good off the back of a powerful charge by another player which has drawn defenders in, but needs to work on doing the dirty hitups more. This will come with experience.

Woods also looked ok in his limited time and showed he has a good motor.

king sirro
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Post by king sirro » Tue 15 Mar, 2011 4:36 pm

I thought Woods was much more impressive than Fafita. Its clear Woods will tackle and run hard at any end of the field. Fafita is a super talent, but until he starts doing the hard yards in our own half then im not prepared to talk about him much more. It took him 3 sets of six when we were getting drilled by the dogs to have a run. When he see's the tryline his eyes light up and u see his potential, but get us in our own half and he goes missing.

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