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Re: on ya bike mckinnon

Post by that_guy » Tue 31 May, 2011 3:45 pm

Goose wrote:
biggest tigers fan wrote:
MacDougall wrote:Moltzen can play fullback for the rest of the year. He'll come good. He has the makings of a great fullback just needs to get positioning and catching together. He's one of the best attacking fullbacks in the comp imo. Just bash the living Jesus out of him at training under the high ball and he'll get the hang of it quick smart.
hmm ive never seen glimpses of moltzen being an attacking.He'd be flat out cracking open a pinata
well he made a line break yesterday, had 7 tackle breaks (only Rhino did better from either side) and scored a try..... thats just yesterday.

Those that think Moltzen can't play and is a cat etc look at Bonstokers highlight package of moltzen, he is a very good player coming back from an injury....
Exactly, it is extremely difficult to look good as an individual in a losing side. So Moltzen shouldn't be getting blamed week in, week out. If we were losing last year when Brown was playing fullback, people would've criticised about him not having an attacking game.

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