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Re: Gibbs

Post by jas83 » Sun 17 Jul, 2011 7:23 pm

Deano1 wrote:
jas83 wrote:
1974semifinal wrote:We need metre eaters OK..trouble is Big Red only has 1 good game every second month..
His still the best one we have

and he shouldn't be the only one we rely on. He's also the only one who consistanty makes over 100m almost every game.
I think thats the main reason Gibbs was told he could look else where.

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Post by cunno » Sun 17 Jul, 2011 8:38 pm

Blair will provide a back up for Sauce and share the metre eater role.

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Post by MacDougall » Sun 17 Jul, 2011 8:42 pm

Ellis and Heighington chew metres. Blair chews metres. Bell is entirely capable of doing it. Begovich, Groat and Woods with extended game time will thrive.

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Paris Cobbs
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Post by Paris Cobbs » Sun 17 Jul, 2011 10:15 pm

We will miss Bryce Gibbs. Fearless predictions: He will score a try this season against the Dragons and he will play State of Origin next year.
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Post by southerntiger » Sun 17 Jul, 2011 10:19 pm

Interesting comment from Gus on the Sunday Roast today. He talked about how when he was Roosters coach in the mid 90s he taught players to stop tackling around the legs as the rules in the game dont reward such tackles.

The comment reminded me of both Gibbs and Fults. Both can make some beautiful grassing tackles but neither dominates as a defender.

Gibbs has never intimimdated in def or attack.

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Post by Goose » Mon 18 Jul, 2011 8:51 am

Gibbs had a good game, he is always consistent, Im glad he put in a good one, after his facebook joke I was worried he would have a quiet one and cop it from pillar to post

Gary Bakerloo
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Post by Gary Bakerloo » Mon 18 Jul, 2011 8:57 am

jas83 wrote:Gibbs goes missing when the metres are required. I think his more of a defensive back-rower then front rower, but hasnt got the speed in attack. I would of liked him to stay but only as a back rower and we have enough of them. We need metre eaters in the front row
I don't think he goes missing, he just gets back onside early in the tackle count and takes the first hit when the defensive line in usually on the front foot.

In any case, we can't have every forward playing as a running metre eater and then bludging on the fringes in defence. We need forwards in the middle getting through the tackles.

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Post by happy tiger » Mon 18 Jul, 2011 8:58 am

cunno wrote:Blair will provide a back up for Sauce and share the metre eater role.
Yeah Cunno I imagine that when Sauce get replaced during the game Blair will go to the front row and Rhino will come off the bench once Dwyer is back on the paddock

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Post by Tiger Watto » Mon 18 Jul, 2011 9:09 am

Alf Duguid wrote:Hopefully there is an apology from Tiger Watto. His comments relating to Gibbs were a disgrace. lets see if he mans up... I doubt it
Apologise??? :roll Gibbs comments were the disgrace Alfie and he should of been stood down...

FTR, he did play well and made some crucial tackles when the cowboys went up the middle. Gibbs and Farah plugged many holes which couldve easily changed the outcome of the game.
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