Bennett...The Traitor..

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Re: Bennett...The Traitor..

Post by happy tiger » Sun 07 Feb, 2016 6:42 pm

cktiger wrote:
Nelson wrote:
GNR4LIFE wrote:
tig_prmz wrote:what do you think about all those aussies who represent other countries like samoa, png, england etc.?
That's different, it's ok when we do it. I get a laugh out of when we give it to England for half their team being South Africans. Hell, we're the kings of adopted athletes. Our greatest ever boxer is Russian for crying out loud.
If Anthony Mundine ever reads your comment he'll be surprised to find out he's Russian.
Good as Kostya was (and I loved him) Jeff Fenech is by far the best boxer this country has ever produced.
Mundine couldn't even be considered anywhere near the top - except by himself (which I think you were getting at lol)
Speak to the older boxing fans and they will tell you that Tony was far better than Anthony Mundine

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