Utai WOW

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Re: Utai WOW

Post by westTAHger » Sat 09 Jun, 2012 8:09 am

has become a very valuable asset for the team.
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Post by tw33k » Sat 09 Jun, 2012 9:21 am

Like others, I've been critical of Utai but this season he is playing like a champ. Last night his runs got us out of trouble a few times

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Post by hammertime » Sat 09 Jun, 2012 9:30 am

Agreed. He is really getting us out of trouble a lot and has had some brilliant finishes!

The thing that he has improved ten-fold is his ball security. Used to be good for 1 error a game at least, but he has been rock solid lately.

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Post by helmesy » Sat 09 Jun, 2012 10:36 am

And he's a good talker and leader, experienced, calm - I'm really glad for his sake that his NRL career will finish on a high with us rather than playing for Auburn!

No reason why he couldn't go around another year based on his 2012 form.

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Post by badger » Sat 09 Jun, 2012 10:44 am

He brings 100% effort and his enthusiasm is infectuous. He seems to lift the team and provide the spark. Should swap contracts with Blair

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Post by tig_prmz » Sat 09 Jun, 2012 12:59 pm

i've been his critic, however i do acknowledge that his value at the start of the sets is second to none. but my prob is that it's not the primary job of the winger.
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Post by senexx » Sat 09 Jun, 2012 10:55 pm

tig_prmz - with perhaps the exception of friday night, our backs are always taking the early hit ups from our own line.

Other than that I can only echo all the praise he has been given here - saved our bacon on numerous occasions in recent games.
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Post by tigerbalm » Sun 10 Jun, 2012 12:17 am

Utai must now be paid by the meter.

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Post by ragedmachine » Mon 11 Jun, 2012 8:25 am

Always been a Utai fan. I dare say it, he's filled the shoes of Tuiaki and make the spot his own.

He only runs in 1 direction, straight and hard!!

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Post by Wacko Jacko » Mon 11 Jun, 2012 9:49 am

Tree Trunks is his nickname for me

Our forwards must love him with some of his runs early in sets

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Post by swisstiger » Mon 11 Jun, 2012 10:01 am

You gotta love a bloke who makes line breaks and scores tries due to his height (or lack of it).

I feel the garden gnome has done more than enough even at this point in the season to warrant a contract extension. 1 more year please!!

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Post by Masterton » Mon 11 Jun, 2012 11:47 am

"Tree Trunks is his nickname for me"

Around this way he is known as the "greasy pig", a name he earned back in his bulldog days.
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Post by Irvine » Mon 11 Jun, 2012 11:56 am

swisstiger wrote:You gotta love a bloke who makes line breaks and scores tries due to his height (or lack of it).

I feel the garden gnome has done more than enough even at this point in the season to warrant a contract extension. 1 more year please!!

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Rather Utai than Lote be resigned and we have the young wingers coming through. One of the best players every week. No reason not to resign him.

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Post by mtd » Mon 11 Jun, 2012 9:34 pm

i hope i am wrong but isnt this classic utai? flows in and out of form all the time. we all know what he is capable of, just need to get it out of him week to week. reminds me alot of krisan inu.

im not sure that teams have been really been testing him under the high ball either. no doubt he has been alot better, but hasnt consistently been put under pressure. games against raiders and warriors i noticed how little they put pressure on utai with difficult kicks. not sold just yet.

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Post by kh_canada » Tue 12 Jun, 2012 3:32 pm

He is phenomenal :) I think drop Tuquiri, He hasnt been performing and is definitely too slow for a winger, why are we signing so many centres and wingers these days? We have so much talent in Ayshford, Lawrence, Utai, Moltzen, and then we sign Reddy? :s
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