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Re: Kids Footy

Post by Doc Tiger » Fri 08 Jun, 2018 9:31 pm

The Shearers 16s had another good win this evening after a tough game vs Beaudesert. Hard nuts those beaudesert boys. They hung in there til the end down 4-0 until the last 10 minutes but our fellas came home strong to end up 20-0 winners. We did however lose the penalty count 14-2. :shock:

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Post by goldcoast tiger » Wed 13 Jun, 2018 9:20 pm

That’s how I realised that my eyesight was turning to poo Hap.

my son was playing under 16,s, with Runaway Bay and they played Friday nights.
Halfway through the season I started to whinge about how the lights at the different grounds weren’t as good as they used to be when the season started . after about three weeks of whinging.
One of the mothers suggested getting my eyes checked as she thould that nothing had changed with the lights.
And Bingo , she was right,
My distance sight was way off, , so it’s been glasses for mr since,. I had cataracts removed a year or so agoand hardly ever have to wear glasses at all now

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Post by goldcoast tiger » Wed 13 Jun, 2018 9:46 pm

Helensvale u12s team had a scare last Saturday as they had to work hard to roll a determined Southport team , who led for a good part of the game.
Once again it was their defence that got them through and they were able to score the winning try about 5 minutes from the end,
They won by two, and it was the first time this year that anyone has got that close to them,,
Southport played well and it will be interesting if we play them again,

A few of the Helensvale kids had to play up in North Brisbane
That morning in the South Coast team , and had to be back at Southport for their game there, around lunchtime,
So it was a hectic morning all round,

They’ll be a bit light on this Saturday , as the same Rep players will be missing this week , as they’re playing in the Oztag Qld Tri series from Thursday until Sunday, at the Sunshine Coast , it doesn’t get any less busy for a few weeks, Good Fun

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Post by goldcoast tiger » Tue 19 Jun, 2018 10:57 am

The u/12s had their game at Runaway Bay had their game called off after 5 minutes because of one of the Bay kids copped a accidental knee to the hip bone,
By the time the Ambos got there and attended to the young guy , the full time bell had gone.
Dissapoint ing for the of the kids, but the good news was that it’s just bruised, and there’s no damage there,

It doesn’t happen often in the kids League , but when you see an ambulance on the field it’s always a worry,

Our kids were understrength with the Rep boys at the OzTag
Tri Series on the Sunshine Coast .
Oztag And Kawaner Waters, do things, for the kids that make it really exciting,For them.

They had a street parade for them , followed by a huge fireworks display as the kids ran out on the field to start the first games on Fri Night, rock music between games , the kids (and Family’s) loved it and had a great time,

Really proud of my grand kids ,
They have two main Qld Carnivals for the year, and the G/ son has won the MVP for both of them in the 12s, ,
As well as that, his team won the Tri Series, and my G/daughters team was runner up in the 10s
RL and Touch need to take some tips from the Oztag Organisation as well as the Kawana Waters organisers as well,
It was so well run,
It’ll be interesting to see how the Qld RL do , at the schoolboys Carnival in about two weeks

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