Premiership Material NOT

Kickoff: 7:30pm
Venue: Sydney Football Stadium
Telecast: Ch9
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Re: Premiership Material NOT

Post by alien » Sat 23 Apr, 2011 12:57 am

Geo. wrote:When's the bye
not soon enough

happy tiger
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Post by happy tiger » Sat 23 Apr, 2011 1:13 am

Two weeks until bye . Lets put it this way If you had to earn the two points from the bye we would be a work in progress and no guarantees of getting them

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Post by seadoggy » Sat 23 Apr, 2011 6:03 am

Yeah, we are not in the same class as saints, broncos and storm or even manly at the moment, injuries are not an excuse, these teams turn up and compete every week, winning a comp is about consistency, if you can't make the eight, then luck doesn't have a chance to get you home in finals, I still enjoy watching the boys go around tho, I just don't have the high expectations anymore.

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Post by westTAHger » Sat 23 Apr, 2011 7:03 am

at the moment, times are a bit tough.
not going the way we all had hoped/expected. ( expectation itself often leads to dis-appointment)
soon the bounce of the ball will favour wests-tigers, and the team will make the top 8.
don't worry about that.
it will" click/gel" and other teams will be worried, as they know wests-tigers are un predictable, and can destroy opponents in a matter of minutes.
opponents will write wests-tigers off only for wests-tigers to come back and maul them.
hang in there, it will get better.
Basil, our rescue dog, is wondering when wests tigers will win 25 - 18 :D

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Post by flash » Sat 23 Apr, 2011 7:18 am

Robert Lui stood up last night and looked the goods :master: , problem we have is that Benji doesn't play with enough structure so runners have to back off a bit because they have as much idea of what Benji is going to do as Benji has :crazy . It will take time for any players coming in to form any sort of combinations and you can see them hesitating in attack. The top teams all attack at speed and they all know where to run and what is about to happen.

Even Robbie Farrar last night had to do a few pirouettes when looking for options which shows that the structure is off the radar. :wtf is Beau Ryan doing in first grade, he is slow, can't catch, can't beat a tackle, can't hang on to the ball and makes no ground from scoots. He may be good for morale but how would the morale have been last night, he cost us 3 tries 2 to them and 1 to us. I didn't even have to see the replay when they went to the video ref for his no try I knew he wouldn't be capable of grounding the ball.

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Post by Tigerdave » Sat 23 Apr, 2011 7:31 am

a tad early to be making this call maybe? yeah things haven't been good, but there are circumstances outside of the teams control.

Last week and now this week, I don't think we were beaten by a better side, we beat ourselves and given the injuries and lack of cohesion that brings into a side, I think we've done ok to be somewhat competitive.

In saying that though, the last 30 minutes of the 1st half last night was pretty darn disgraceful.

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Post by Snake » Sat 23 Apr, 2011 7:48 am

Last nights game said a lot the difference between the 2 teams was amazing to be honest the Broncos were using us as a train run .With our form at the moment a top 4 berth is just about gone at this stage Imo..... we should be able to make the 8 but even at full strenght I doubt we will make an impression at years end.

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Post by Juro » Sat 23 Apr, 2011 8:11 am

Yeah, sure we haven't been up to pace so far this season. But we have had injuries to our biggest attacking weapons in Lote and Lawrence. Having Lui back was a big step in the right direction for us. Hopefully we can start to be able to put the same team on the field for a few weeks in a row and see how our attacking coordination improves (as well as our defense). If we can win 50% in the first half of the season with our current problems, we can then make a run in the second half of the season and the premiership.
I've been a member since 2012. We last played finals football in 2011. Just saying...

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citizen cub
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Post by citizen cub » Sat 23 Apr, 2011 8:12 am

Definitely an arguable topic, I'll say that. You don't win premierships in April, but I'm sure our performances in the first 7 rounds weren't ones expected by our players, coaching staff and fans.

Injuries haven't helped, but that team we fielded last night is one that has served us well in the past, for example although many here are are critical of Beau, he played the whole of last season in what was a successful season for the Tigers, no reason why the same can't be done with the team we've fielded since the start of our 'injury crisis'.

We have the depth, I have no doubt about that.
With Wests in the finals, ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE


Post by PORX » Sat 23 Apr, 2011 7:45 pm

innsaneink wrote:
PORX wrote:No where near good enough.. im sorry 3 out of 7 games WFT... just look at the Dragons/Stormn/Broncos and then compare us.. dispite the injuries we had a strong side on the park and yet we got smashed ... be lucky to make top 8 i reckon!

Quality sides dont dish out performances like that 2 weeks in a row!!
Have a look at a calendar, what month it is champ.
Who cares what month it is "Champ" every game is just as important... if the team has the same attitude you have then we are for sure in for a long sorry season

happy tiger
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Post by happy tiger » Sat 23 Apr, 2011 8:04 pm

Look at our run home last 10 games . we will need to win 7 or 8 if we don't pull our fingers out NOW

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