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@TheDaBoss said in Wests Tigers V NZ Warriors Trial Teams..:

With both sides emerging with a loss in their first trial match but naming their strongest sides available for the clash in Rotorua, Sunday is set to be a blockbuster event that certainly gives some insight to how the year will unfold.

Did happy write this…

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Whilst not at the levels of collusion, outright lies, personal attacks and interference with justice over the Pacific, the state of our federal government is becoming increasingly poor on the back of that example. It now seems obvious that the prime minister’s office had been intimately involved with the myriad of rorts in a number of grant schemes and is complicit in covering up these matters, including fraud by falsifying documents.

This comes on the back of interference in investigations that has our federal police not even questioning Angus Taylor over his political attack with the fraudulent document he provided to Murdoch media, nor Cash for her involvement with previous raids. Sure, these are not the first indiscretions, nor limited to the coalition, but it goes against the whole foundation of our parliamentary system, to have no accountability at ministerial level, with only her gun club membership conflict of interest being the reason for the deputy National’s leader resigning.

For those that condone such actions on a party prefered ideology basis, how do or would you treat your child for acting in a similar manner?

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I think Mikaele Musgrove and Aloiai all have it in them to fill that role…this year…

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Saw on the news FTB last spotted at Robbo’s house…

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Is Leiluiiii’s plural when you have 2 Leilua’s…I like it…although Burghi it is not…

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Balmain legend Steve ‘Blocker’ Roach believes the Wests Tigers have lacked an enforcer since the departure of Gareth Ellis, saying that they won’t make the top eight until they sign one.
Ellis left the Tigers in 2012, with the club’s finals drought stretching back to 2011.

Speaking on the Countdown to 2020 podcast with Braith Anasta, Roach argued that the Tigers pack had all the hallmarks of a modern forward unit – mobile, industrious and durable.

Crucially, he believes they lack the bite and nastiness to be a realistic prospect of making the top eight and suggested a compatriot of Ellis could turn them into the force the want to be under Michael Maguire.

“You’ve got to have an intimidator,” said Roach.

“I don’t care what anyone says. All sides that have won premierships have one. I don’t think the Tigers have been the same since Gareth Ellis left, I think he was their best buy for a long time. He was a hitman and went out and put pressure on the opposition.

“You’ve got to have an enforcer, someone who will go out there every week and make the opposition have a bit of a look.

“I’m really excited to see Zane Musgrove play, he’s a monster and he’s aggressive. I think they should go out in the market and get [Alex] Walmsley the big front-rower from St Helens to start a roll on.”

Walmsley is a five-cap England international who took the challenge to the Roosters in last week’s World Club Challenge. The 195cm, 115kg prop ran for 189m and made four tackle busts against the Chooks.

Roach also wants to see more growth from Luke Brooks. Admittedly, that is tough in a side which doesn’t always fires.

While the former Dally M halfback of the year has some obvious qualities in his game, Roach says he wants 2020 to be the year he really takes ownership of Maguire’s side.

“You’ve got to own the team. I see Broosky and he does some great things, but he doesn’t look like the great halves,” Roach said.

“They own the team, tell them where to go, and I don’t know whether that’s in his DNA.

“He’s a great kid and a fantastic player. But to go to the next level he’s got to own a football team.

Asked for his tip of where the Tigers would finish, Roach added: “I love the Tigers, but I don’t think they can make the eight. It hurts me to say it, I think they’ll finish around ninth or tenth.”

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Well look at that …they have arranged a CC/Flegg trial before the season starts…

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I would have him in my 17 to start the season and particularly so if Eisenhuth is not there.

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@jirskyr said in Wests Tigers V NZ Warriors Trial Teams..:

@jirskyr said in Wests Tigers V NZ Warriors Trial Teams..:

@happy_tiger said in Wests Tigers V NZ Warriors Trial Teams..:

If we look like headless chickens Rd 1 …Madge needs a serve …pure and simple

Whats the saying? Premierships are not won in Round 1?

I see no point in analysing the coaches decision making in the trials, based on almost zero knowledge of the pre-season, injuries, his thoughts and concerns, the likely strategy Rd 1. Who cares if he names Corey or Doueihi or a brown dog at fullback in a trial. And, if we don’t play great in Round 1, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. In Rd 1 2018 we beat Roosters and they won the comp. In Rd 1 2019 we belted Manly and they made the semis.

It’s about the long-game all season, which hasn’t started yet.

Also, to reply to myself, we are an amazing 9 wins 1 loss in the first 2 rounds of the last 5 seasons. So if we look nothing like headless chickens in Round 1, it still doesn’t mean anything. We’ve only ever lost the opening 2 matches of a season once, in 2007, and we’ve only lost in Round 1 6 times in all our 20 seasons as a merged club.

Bring on the Dooooooooom…

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@GNR4LIFE said in Elijah Taylor:

One of my favourite players. Can’t see him making the 17 unfortunately.

Well, there is that vacant hooker role…

More seriously, I can easily see him in the 17 as long as he has some big boppers around him.