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Coaching Insider: Round 4
Author - Dan Talintyre
Timestamp - Sat 6 Jun 2020, 12:30 PM

Wests Tigers Head Coach Michael Maguire says his side are determined to improve on their own performance from last weekend as they prepare for Sunday’s clash against the Gold Coast Titans,

Ahead of tomorrow night’s game at Suncorp Stadium — which will see the team travel on game day under new COVID-19 measures — Maguire enthused that despite a strong victory last week over Cronulla, an increase in momentum and consistency was the focus throughout training this week.

“We need to be better than where we were last week,” Maguire told reporters after his side’s final training run on Saturday.

“It’s the same every week in the NRL – if you’re slightly not where you need to be you can get bitten. We’ve got to make sure we turn up with the right attitude and go to work like we did against Cronulla.”

For Maguire, that internal focus was the driving force for this week — not their opponents and any talk of ladder positions.

“We’re a club that needs to do better as well,” he said.

“If we want to look sideways at other clubs… we need to look at ourselves first. That’s the number one thing we are doing at the moment.

"We need to turn up and go about our job.

"I’ve learnt in this competition that anyone can get a win if you want to turn up.

“That’s what we’re focused on and we’re not too concerned of what other teams have done in the past. Every game is a new game. This week is a new game for us, so we need to make sure we get out there, play well and do the things we need to get the results we want."

With the squad needing to take on same day travel in order to reach Suncorp Stadium under the current COVID-19 regulations, Maguire said it wouldn’t be an issue for his side in terms of their preparation.

“I think it will be great for the boys," he said.

"From all reports a lot of teams have handled it very well and enjoyed the fact that they travelled up, played the game and headed back that night.

“We’re up and playing rugby league so whatever we need to do to make sure that happens, then I have no problem.”

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@Yossarian said in Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here:

@Cultured_Bogan said in Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here:

How was old mate having a crack at everyone for standing on his lawn yesterday. “I just seeded it.”

No expert on lawns, wouldn’t have thought seeding in Autumn/Winter would have been advisable.

Whoever does Morrison’s advance point work is hopeless. Don’t send your man in if you haven’t checked things out first. Amateur hour…

Only standing on his nature strip anyway from the footage I saw.

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@tiger_one said in CEO Update: June, 2020:

I would love our CEO to update our Top 30 player squad and the changes that occur , as and when they happen.

We have a thread for that…

Extremely up to date thanks to @Cultured_Bogan

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Damn…Curtis is tweeting again…

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@JoshColeman99 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@diedpretty said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@JoshColeman99 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@diedpretty said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@JoshColeman99 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Brenko Lee starting at centre for Melbourne instead of Seve. Momirovski looks to be third choice at Melbourne 👀 hopefully he can train hard enough to start playing later in the season

It appears Momo is the big loser in this swap deal. We come out ok because we have a pretty handy DH for the season. Grant comes out ok because he gets NRL experience and a chance to show how good he is. Melbourne come out ok as they get to see how good the heir apparent to Cammy is and he gets some NRL experience before going back south. Momirovski gets to sit on the sideline and gets no match fitness whatsoever.

Hopefully he can get a run sooner rather than later. A lot of people were worried thinking we would get the short end of the stick with this deal but it’s pretty clear we’ve come off better

Melbourne have come out of it ok. I’m not sure they were all that worried about whether Momo would get a run with them. I think they were more interested in getting Grant some NRL experience and seeing how he handles the week to week of top grade.

They got some depth and Grant was kept happy. We get a classy hooker and Momirovski can learn off Bellamy to hopefully come back better. Good deal for everyone end of the day

The only way we keep.Grant is to win and make a good showing in the semis.

He has the option to play for one of the best teams under the best coach.

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When Brenko Lee jumps you in the queue you should be worried… having said that he was pretty good last night proving again Bellyache can polish a turd

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Let’s just wait and see… they only said it would be at venues that can cater for social distancing rules similar to large Clubs Pubs and restaurants… that leaves BankWest … you won’t see people around the grounds yet come July I think we will… Nothing has been said by the Club yet either… there may be some sought of ballot for members who knows…

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I’d just glad COVIDSafe 19 is cured… all it took was some riots

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goo ole section 96 hey…

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Momo will be back in 2021. Solid winger who kicks