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by TigerDave81
Tue 28 Aug, 2012 6:55 am
Forum: Wests Tigers
Topic: Professionals
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For me the hardest thing to understand is that the players know its the most critical game of the year and turn up like is a game of park footy. These guys are on over $200k a year and play like they did!! It's a professional sport yet the players seem to treat it like its a game of footy with their...
by TigerDave81
Sat 18 Aug, 2012 6:50 am
Forum: Round 24: Bulldogs vs Wests Tigers
Topic: Don't Blame Refs Please!!
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Re: Don't Blame Refs Please!!

Interpretation is a bull s*** excused or refs to make a wrong call!! The problem with the game is their are to many grey areas which allow for different interpretations and a reason for refs to cover their mistakes. Obstruction should be black and white. Simple. You run behind s player and you don't...
by TigerDave81
Sun 15 Jul, 2012 3:15 pm
Forum: Wests Tigers
Topic: Our game plan sux!!
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Our game plan sux!!

I'm no coach but have watched the game all my life so think I no a little about it. A few points I would like to make about our game plan. 1. We have so structure or communication in our long kicking game. It looks like if theirs no options we hoof it down field. The kicker needs to tell the team wh...
by TigerDave81
Sat 07 Jul, 2012 8:30 am
Forum: Wests Tigers
Topic: Our run starts now!!
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Our run starts now!!

I'm anticipating a full strength squad next week against the Panthers (except for Lote). We will win big and go on our customary end of year run and string 3,4 or 5 wins together. Lose the last game against the storm and then be a threat in the finals where anything can happen. Defense is an attitud...
by TigerDave81
Mon 25 Jun, 2012 9:40 pm
Forum: R16 v Newcastle Knights
Topic: Attacking pressure!! Defensive failures!!
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Attacking pressure!! Defensive failures!!

For one of the best attacking teams in the comp, we must be tackled the least in our opposition 20. Tonight we had 1 tackle in 75 minutes. That is crazy!! Last week was the same. I would suggest we have been tackled the least amount of times in our attacking 20 then any other team all year. Defensiv...
by TigerDave81
Sat 09 Jun, 2012 12:01 am
Forum: R14 v Melbourne Storm
Topic: Wrestling tactics
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Re: Wrestling tactics

It was a disgrace. Continual niggal and as plenty have mentioned already, the leg pulls were terrible. It was an obvious tactic and one the refs needs to penalise out of the game. The Storm are bloody dirty. Cheats off and on the field!!

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by TigerDave81
Sat 19 May, 2012 8:36 pm
Forum: R12 v North Queensland Cowboys
Topic: Chris Lawrence
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Re: Chris Lawrence

Although finding his feet at 5/8, Lawrence is a ball runner, not a ball player. He plays too direct and can't pass at the line. Maybe that will come with confidence, but considering we have Anasta who will play their next year, to me it's pointless to experiment for the remainder of this year. When ...
by TigerDave81
Sat 19 May, 2012 9:09 am
Forum: R11 v New Zealand Warriors
Topic: Interchange rotation
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Interchange rotation

This has bugged me for a few weeks now and I'm sure Sheens has his reasons but what's the go with using 1 interchange player in the first half!! Again last night the only change we did was Cashmere on for Galloway and then Galloway for Cashmere. We lack impact from a fresh player around that 20-25 m...
by TigerDave81
Sun 29 Apr, 2012 7:26 pm
Forum: R08 v Parramatta Eels
Topic: Did we win!!!
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Did we win!!!

Sounds like we lost reading a lot of threads. At the end of the day that's all that counts. We dominated for 67 minutes. Parra had nothing to lose and played risky the last 13 minutes and scored a few good tries off the back of it. Theirs only 1 team in the comp that plays 80 minutes consistently..S...
by TigerDave81
Sun 29 Apr, 2012 6:57 pm
Forum: R09 v Gold Coast Titans
Topic: Matty Johns to get shot!!!!
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Matty Johns to get shot!!!!

Weather he was trying to fire up the Tigers or just making a foolish statement, if we win this weekend that will be 3 in a row and Matty Johns call to be shot with a paint ball gun if we do will be great to see. Hopefully Farah gets to aim up and get a bit of revenge.

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by TigerDave81
Sun 01 Apr, 2012 6:35 pm
Forum: R05 v South Sydney
Topic: April Fools!!!!
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April Fools!!!!

Souths are down by 12 with 10 to go, are looking to off load at every opportunity so we defend by wrapping up the ball. Dave Taylor has it in one hand trying to offload and so Tuqiri attacks the ball to stop it. Taylor loses the ball, penalty Souths!! WTF. Same thing when heigno got pinned. The refs...
by TigerDave81
Sun 01 Apr, 2012 6:26 pm
Forum: R05 v South Sydney
Topic: The Refs
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Re: The Refs

I was at the game and we were getting penalized for things souths were getting away with. Every try came off a penalty. Souths were all over us in the ruck and we got nothing. Inside the 10 on numerous occasions and we got one off a 20m tap!! Situations wear their we're no reasons for our players to...
by TigerDave81
Sun 01 Apr, 2012 6:19 pm
Forum: R05 v South Sydney
Topic: It really is time for Sheens to go........
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Re: It really is time for Sheens to go........

We were 16-4 up with 5 to go!!! No way can Sheens be blamed for the loss. Benji should have closed it out yes, but that's how he plays. You can't like it when we are winning and hate it when we're losing. We played awesome today. Made a statement in defense and were unlucky in the end. I ain't givin...
by TigerDave81
Fri 30 Mar, 2012 7:37 pm
Forum: Player Contract Rumours & Discussion
Topic: Anasta signs with Wests Tigers for 2 years
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Re: Anasta signs with Wests Tigers for 2 years

Why such negativity towards this!! I personally thinks its a great and smart addition to our squad. He will take so much pressure of Benji and Robbie in attack and in their kicking game and gives us another threat across the park. Defensively good and a proven leader. Sheens explained the reasoning ...
by TigerDave81
Tue 27 Mar, 2012 6:15 am
Forum: R04 v Canberra Raiders
Topic: the bench
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Re: the bench

You called it early Dale. I like you, think Sheens is a great coach but tonight's bench was a joke. We went up against one of the biggest packs in the comp with 2 lightweights on the bench who didn't play until 20 minutes to go! What was the strategy. These guys are rookies who don't have the confid...
by TigerDave81
Wed 21 Mar, 2012 9:24 pm
Forum: National Rugby League
Topic: Willie mason ???
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Re: Willie mason ???

NRL on Fox seem to think the deals off!! If it is because of the negativity from the public than that's a joke!!! In my opinion his worth a go. Pay him an incentive based contract and if he screws up theirs no chances!! We need front rowers. He is an ex rep player who still can offer something in my...
by TigerDave81
Sun 18 Mar, 2012 12:57 pm
Forum: National Rugby League
Topic: Willie mason ???
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Big Willie!!

Hearing rumors Willie Mason might be joining the tigers. I for one applaud this signing if we can pull it off.. We lack size, we lack mongrel and experience and Willie mason brings all 3. If we add mason to our roster it will be a massive plus and could be the added xfactor we need to go deep this y...
by TigerDave81
Sat 17 Mar, 2012 10:18 am
Forum: R03 v St. George Illawarra Dragons
Topic: I'm still confident.
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I'm still confident.

Last night we clearly lacked any go forward. It is easy to write off our team now, only 3 rounds into a long season and 3 very lean performances, but remember we were missing 4 players last night that make a huge difference to our team. Utah and Tuqiri are big strong players who get our sets off to ...