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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Yes his father passed away a few years ago. 😢
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    **live game feed** vs the Eels

    13 to parra
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    I heard this as well. But last week he said no way the storm were releasing him
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    Chris Lawrence announces retirement

    Was lucky enough to see him debut. Was a great day and great win. Such an exciting player to watch. Hope he stays involved with the club.
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    Tigers v Raiders live game thread

    I also think nofo was injured too he would've been hard to handle near the end if he was fit
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    Tigers v Raiders live game thread

    Unlucky with that dropped ball from raiders. Changed the game big effort from them just dropped the balls in good positions grant and brooks.
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    Reynolds ex girlfriend to speak on 60 minutes

    It's a shame she is being paid for this. What a low human being. And he's a pretty decennt guy, just naive. Oh and this is the ladt time I will watch 60 minutes. The last time was when they interviewed alex mckinnon. The worst show now.
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    Confirmed: Matterson released from Wests Tigers.

    Blake Ferguson left the Sharks years ago to try and win a comp and they ended up winning it 2 years before he eventually won one.
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    “Fortress Leichhardt

    @Tiger_Steve you're welcome. I still enjoyed the day. The thing with the team is they give us hope only to let us down again. But I really believe that is changing i think this coach has given some of the boys some real confidence and belief and with some new blood things will start to improve...
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    “Fortress Leichhardt

    I love Leichhardt. There is no other ground like it. I flew in from the Gold Coast to go to the game as disappointing it was to lose, I think they tried hard just outclassed. I would love to do it again hopefully they continue to play a few games there each year.
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    **live game feed** vs Penalty Broncos

    We bombed 2 tries as well
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    Positives Cmon we have many still

    I love this thread. The game was high quality so much better than many games on the weekend. They never throw in the towel. And are way ahead of quite a few teams un the comp. Plus we still have a few players to come back.
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Tunks still insists that we have signed Eastwood.
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    Peter Tunks

    Never has a good thing to say about them. Even yesterday when they were talking about the bulldogs problems he still managed to turn it around and bag the tigers management. I could understand it if were sitting back and doing nothing but as far as he is concerned we cant do anything right. I...
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    Mitchell Moses released [Official]

    Every dog has its' day let's hope it comes this weekened and he cops a over his mental health issues pretty quick.
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    Russell Packer - OFFICIAL..

    Listening to talkin sport tunks reckons we have paid massive overs for packer and we r just panicking and desperate to get players to have something positive to report. I feel that tunks has never anything positive to say about this club I'm surprised he doesn't work for the telegraph.
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    What to do with Moses?

    Article is in telegraph written by rothfield so who knows if true or not. But anything is possible with that manager. Sorry not sure how to post it.
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    Tedesco and Moses

    Probably getting him back for abusing him last game.