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    Judith Durham died today

    I have just heard that Judith Durham died today,probably one of the most popular female singers of all time in Australia.R.I.P Judith you will be fondly remembered by all old buggers like me
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    State of Rugby League 2021

    I just looked at the NRL table and the difference in percieved quality between the clubs is staggering.This is supported by the odds on winning the competition (betfair) at the moment.Half of the clubs are paying odds of 50-1 or higher and this is after a mere 5 rounds or 20% of the season.I...
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    Josh Reynolds

    To nobodys great suprise Josh is out for 6 weeks with a hamstring injury.
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    Snipers are very quiet

    It is good to see that the snipers are being fairly quiet about our signings/retention for the 2021 season.I am sure a few of them will be hoping for a poor start to the season so they can put the knife into Madge again This has been the best offseason for many years i would rate it B+,it hasnt...
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    Gee Ref

    The return of the fraud.Hope he gets the welcome he deserves
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    How useless are the NRL

    It is 1pm over 15 hours after the game finished but the NRL have still not updated the ladder on their website.I can only only imagine the powers that be have more important things to do than actually keep their competition up to date.