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  1. Madge

    2023 Pre Season

    I think he will start the season in KOE.
  2. Madge

    Hastings - Reasons for leaving

    Why is it an issue? The article is nitpicking. It’s a nothing article. It’s simple. Hastings wanted to play halfback and wanted a big pay cheque. He wasn’t going to get that here.
  3. Madge

    John Bateman

    Tumeth won’t be here?
  4. Madge

    2023 Pre Season

    Brooks is in the training clip of the offical opening of the COE video. I’ve tried posting a photo but it doesn’t seem to upload. Time: 2:23
  5. Madge

    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Logen Dillon signs with Mackay Cutters.
  6. Madge


    Lee's description about Benji, Farah and Tim as coaches is fairy-tale stuff. Laughable.
  7. Madge

    Ryan Matterson takes aim at NRL over ‘hefty’ fine

    He should. Doesn't change the fact that Matterson should as well
  8. Madge

    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Oh really? re Tuki. Thought it was just POM who said that Sheens wants to keep him.
  9. Madge

    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Players will be moved on, if players aren't you can write off 2023 too.
  10. Madge

    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    We can easily accommodate Klemmer and Leniu, be it cap or spots available. It's not like our forwards are worth keeping happy. We have forwards who can do a job and that is it. Musgrove, Seyfarth, Simpkins, goodbye. Our depth is hopeless. A backrower is needed urgently too. I would only be...
  11. Madge

    Junior Reps 2022

  12. Madge

    Wests Tigers Coaches

    What in the last ten years have we been churning out that makes this decision different?
  13. Madge

    Wests Tigers Board & Ceo Discussion

    Again, it does not change the fact they are held responsible for this. I'm sure any player, head coach, business owner or anyone had their time again they could fix the past. No one is not going to make errors but when you're in a position like they are, there needs to be accountability.
  14. Madge

    Wests Tigers Board & Ceo Discussion

    It doesn’t have to be detailed. It’s as plain and simple as that. I don’t understand what would need more explaining. Just because change happened doesn’t mean it is the right decision. The CEO and board make those decisions and the fact that we haven’t made the finals since 2011, says all you...
  15. Madge

    Wests Tigers Board & Ceo Discussion

    Not making the finals in 10+ years is a fact and the most important fact.
  16. Madge

    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    The others are under contract so unless they had officially signed off somewhere else they wouldn't be farwelled. Big chance most of them will be moving on in the off-season but.
  17. Madge

    Henry O'Kane

    Utoikamanu was also played injured, he was not 100%. Fact.
  18. Madge

    THE AMBUSH - Show Your Stripes..

    Personally, he does want to stay at the WT. Management have begun early discussions just depends on if the club sees him apart of the new regime and if a fair deal can be struck. He doesn't want to keep changing clubs. Recovery going well, ahead of schedule. Made sure he was in a moon boot...
  19. Madge

    Flegg tonight

    So how is he watching the game?
  20. Madge


    Matamua has an NRL contract in ‘24.