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    Happy New Year and Resolutions Details linked above. It will answer your questions. It's hybrid half online and half on site. It's an English course so German isn't required. I will be doing another course that's more advanced once this concludes. My plans are to open a micro craft...
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    Happy New Year and Resolutions

    Quitting my job in software and going to Germany to train to become a brewmaster. I'm 46 it's now or never. 9th of January it all begins.
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    It was a committee of people doing the recruiting. Pascoe, Lee, Madge and Hartigan. Madge couldn't recruit who he wanted without running it last the committee
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    I clicked on this thinking someone else enjoyed Marble racing. Imagine my disappointment. My wife saw me watching this a couple times and asks why, what do i see in that?. I don't even have an answer. I can't stop watching.
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    John Bateman #

    Wigan can whine all they want. Super league is the minor league, NRL is major league. Get called up you move up. I thought that was the general idea.
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    Jackson Hastings - #251 Mega Thread

    It's his 5th tackle options that get to me. He is horrendous on the last play about 90% of the time. I'd rather a Robbie Farah ball hogging play from dummy half on the last than give Brooks the ball.
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    Wests Tigers Coaches

    I doubt it. He is just out for some retirement money before he flies back to blighty.
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    Luke Brooks - #167

    He still doesn't have a kicking game. Unless Benji is working with him on that expect much of the same garbage.
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    Jackson Hastings - #251 Mega Thread

    Jackson wanted more money and he got it. He not worth 900k.
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    Jackson Hastings - #251 Mega Thread

    Good old Newcastle. The town built on coal, speed and tattoo ink. Who wouldn't want to live there?
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    Luke Brooks - #167

    Nobody wants dirty underwear. Luke is the skid mark on the clubs undies. Let's just run the clock out one final season and leave him unsigned and uncertain about his future. Surely he will perform under pressure, right? Make the bum play hard fighting for a contract.
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    Luke Brooks - #167

    I can't watch another season of Brooks in the 7. I am just over his head at this point. Punt him for the long suffering fans sake.
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    Luke Brooks - #167

    Brooks spotted at Charlestown square getting a haircut. Looking like getting ready for a job interview.
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    The Melbourne Cup

    The only winners are the dry cleaners tomorrow cleaning vomit off suits, dresses and hats.
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    The Melbourne Cup

    No. 3. Get on or you're in the losers camp.
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    Luke Brooks - #167

    This will be the best Christmas present ever. Get it done. November 1st 12:01am.
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    Luke Brooks - #167

    This is correct even 10 months later
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    Munster Mash

    Braith is a hunk of shit. We are just a leverage tool. Everyone looking for a big deal is linked to us but not seriously. Player managers punching bag.
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    LIVE GAME 2022 Grand Final Live Game Discussion

    I hate both teams. Both teams have insufferable egos in their sides. Seeing Nathan and ivan lose again would make me happy though.
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    Luke Brooks - Mega Thread

    I saw this thread bumped and was hoping for trade news. We are being tortured.