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    What's In The Media ~ Other Than Footy

    Cricket commentary on Seven and Foxtel has been awesome lately thanks to the absence of tools like Clarke. Hopefully his shirtless trailer park performance puts an end to what's left of his media career and he permanently fades into irrelevance.
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    Countdown - 2023

    4,138 For anyone thinking of starting a countup thread - days since last finals match
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    2023 NRL Rule Changes

    Hey Annusley, does a full penalty get a long whistle? Does offside from a kickoff matter if the favoured team get the subsequent penalty from an imaginary escort? Will there be a Klown in the box directing the referee to ensure the right team wins either before or after full-time? Maybe we...
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    Cricket Season Thread

    Seriously need to stop playing cricket at the SCG rainforest, but the dinosaurs value their soggy tradition over what is practical. I have not seen a drop of rain in Sydney the past couple of days. Same story last year and the year before that with constant rain at the SCG while most of Sydney...
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    John Bateman #

    Thanks Santa, don't suppose you would be interested in a player swap? Our halfback would make an excellent elf.
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    Player Dramas in the NRL

    LOL@ScummySummy. Doing Souffs proud. :poop:
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    BBL 2022-23 Fantasy Comp

    The Thunder remind me of WT's how they all had a big smile on their faces and a good giggle with the opposition while they were being brutally sodomised. We should swap our defensive coach for their batting coach.
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    Prediction for captain 2023

    We haven't bothered with having a captain, goal kicker, halfback or defence for years, why start now? Joffa is the only logical choice, so WT will probably bring back Sharon to captain from the bench.
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    Roster Breakdown

    I like the 2024 squad, most talented halves combination in over a decade.
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    2022 Membership info

    I'm opting out indefinitely. Vowed not to renew after we rolled over after the Klown hatchet job. Let me know when we have a new CEO and Board.
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    Aaron "Sharon" Woods

    Nofa runs 30 metres on tackle 4 (sideways); Sharon takes a hitup tackle 5 (2 or 3 metre gain with slow PTB); Brooks lobs it to opposition winger on tackle 6 (no chasers, 20m kick return); Repeat all season
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    2022 RLWC

    Klown had another good game :ROFLMAO:
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    Wests Tigers Board & Ceo Discussion

    Love a good Pascoe quote, but why are they always about his haircut?
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    Luke Brooks - #167

    Now that we have offloaded the two best halfbacks on our roster will our special boy be owning the team again this year or wrapping himself up and hiding in his 200 game banner? :ROFLMAO: Insert 2023 Brooks excuses here: _
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    Jackson Hastings - #251 Mega Thread

    Bring on the click-bait. If we were so dissatisfied that we released Hastings, then we have no choice but to euthanise Brooks
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    Jackson Hastings - #251 Mega Thread

    LOL @ WT Marketing, someone cc them on the email please. They should use pictures of Brooks & Pascoe since we get the same :poop: every year.
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    2023 - WT to Send Home game to NZ

    When was the last time we benefitted from an opposition team moving their home game to our ground or region? We are not good enough to sell home ground advantage to the highest bidder and never will be while this stupidity continues. We even play our home finals at the opposition's home ground...
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    2022 RLWC

    Typical Hometown Harry performance by Sutton reminiscent of our treatment at Slime Stadium against Pawwa. Only one team was being penalised in the first half and some of the calls in the second half were just diabolical (eg Luai offside and Paulo's push on the kicker).
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    What song sums up the WT and Fans

    Year of the Tiger - Everclear "Here we are in the year of the tiger, We are still broken, So f@#king broken" Song is about US politics but it literally could have been written about WT's with lines like "We have to change the stupid way we show our stripes" and "the truth is not a slogan on a...
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    Cricket Season Thread

    Don't we get bonus points for playing Fatty Finch, Stoinplod and the obligatory Marshmallow?