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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    He also knew Madge wasn’t capable of developing a team of youngsters. Madge has his success with an experienced roster of winners. He had to build that at the tigers and he was out of his depth. Must have been very obvious to Sheens given his coaching experience. But that’s living in the...
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    Your Team 2023

    Not enough captains for my liking 🐯
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    John Bateman #

    He’s stolen “trust the process” from Ange Postecouglou
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    Daine Laurie #237

    He strikes me as the sort of player that Sheens likes in his number 6's. Douehi is too slow imo. He also needs to work on his decision-making. He runs and passes when he shouldn't.
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    Daine Laurie #237

    Does anyone else think that Daine Laurie should play 6? I'd also look to play Talau or Doueihi at 13.
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    Thing’s that make you laugh!! 😂

    Putin just released is long-awaited lullaby. Twinkle Twinkle Little Tsar.
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    What song sums up the WT and Fans

    No Easy Way Out - Robert Tepper (Rocky 4 soundtrack)
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    Prediction for captain 2023

    Whatever they do, let's hope they don't pick 7 captains like it's under 6's.
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    To wash away the terrible feeling of the tigers, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying watching Ange Postecouglou turn Celtic in to a top-class team. If anyones interested, Celtic play Real Madrid on Wednesday morning at 5am. This is someone the tigers could learn a lot off. Probably the greatest...
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    One of the things (amongst many) we lack

    Fair point - I didn't realise it was that early in the count. Oh many issues in this team, but confident a fresh approach can turn it around. No footy intellect...To me this is the players to some extent, but also the terrible, simplistic style of play implemented by Madge. In a...
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    One of the things (amongst many) we lack

    No issues with that. He was building pressure. He didn’t expect his teammate to let a short dropout hit his foot.
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    David Nofoaluma #164

    That too
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    David Nofoaluma #164

    It’s definitely a culture issue. Culture and mentality.
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    David Nofoaluma #164

    There’s a number of different problems at the moment, but if I had to pinpoint ine it’s the culture. They have a losing mentality. This can be changed, but it’s hard. Check this out: This is a great mentality.
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    David Nofoaluma #164

    Nofoaluma. What a terrible player 😉
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    Live game thread vs gummies

    I can't imagine why he wouldn't be encouraging it. I just think the players lose track of the game plan without someone micromanaging them on the field.
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    Live game thread vs gummies

    Outtakes from the weekend... Our forwards need someone to organise them for the full 80 mins i.e. Hastings. Tyrone Peachey is a terrible hooker. Surely we'd be better off with an actual hooker coming off the bench. I think I saw 1 offload, maybe 2, the entire game. Our play-the-balls were...
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    What Annoys You

    Can’t they just move on from this though? LH really doesn’t like flying under the radar does he?
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    Wests Tigers Coaches

    Agree, they are nowhere near the finished article. It’s more about finding the right coach for a rebuild. Maguire can clearly coach in the right situation, but I don’t think his approach is right for developing the younger generations.
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    Wests Tigers Coaches

    Another thing…Ciraldo has NEVER coached first-grade. There’s no guarantees with him either. He might be the worlds best assistant and an average head coach. Throwing big cash at him is a mistake imo.