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    Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here

    Does this mean one needs to live a life of poverty to care about the disadvantaged or the environment?
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    In footy you can either sign talent or develop talent. For mine, the chances of a wooden spoon team signing enough quality first graders to make the top eight is about the same as Scott Morrison winning Miss Universe. Since the Moses/Woods/Tedesco/Brooks/Nofoaluma era, we've really dropped the...
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    Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here

    Now that the Queen has passed on, it's time we grow up as a country and stand on our own two feet as a republic.
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    Who are you going for in finals?

    I'll be happy for the trophy to end up in Western Sydney - so either Penrith or Parramatta.
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    Are the players unhappy?

    Management and the coaching team at the club have handled things very badly for the last two seasons in terms of player management. I have no doubt that many of these things have put players offside: - Signing the Leilua brothers, publicly axing and embarrassing one and then hoping the...
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    Which Players Survive This Disastrous Year?

    On one hand, we absolutely MUST punt most of the guys from yesterday. They conceded a cricket score by half time against a team that just scraped into the top eight. I put Laurie and Doueihi in this category too (both let go by their previous clubs due to some fundamental weaknesses in their...
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    Junior Pauga

    Most of us have had a brain snap under pressure. Thankfully none of mine are televised. Junior wasn't the reason why we lost the game.
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    Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here

    Until you do a proper investigation, you don't know whether or not he did illegal things with these secret appointments. Some of the allegations in here don't look good at all:
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    2023 Expectations

    Unless we're signing 3-4 star rookies and giving them more money and opportunity than other clubs, we'll be in a similar position next season. The big challenge is always how we're comparing to clubs who have finished around us on the ladder. We have a few good established signings coming on...
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    It's time for a new CEO

    The board are effectively representatives of the owners (mostly Wests Ashfield) and appoint and manage a CEO to run the business. They are there to ensure the business is run in accordance with laws and that there are policies and processes to do this. They are not actively running and...
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    It's time for a new CEO

    While I've stuck up for a our CEO a lot and believe he has done a good job to turn the club around financially, it's time that the board make the tough call to bring in a new CEO. Saturday night wasn't just a bad day at the office. We've seen this all season and more broadly, a deterioration of...
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    Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here

    I met the GG and his wife once too, but I think he is just as culpable as Scotty on this one. One of his last statements said that he expected PMC to announce the changes. This is 100% BS. He let it happen five times (that we know of). Morrison effectively ran his own dictatorship using a...
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    Mid Week Competitions

    I think this is a great idea @Cobarcats The challenge would be how you juggle injuries and scheduling. I can't see how it would work in the summer period. Perhaps two conferences with some games midweek during the normal season or a two-tier comp with relegation and promotion? I've also...
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    Let’s be realistic

    @teddy23 hit the nail on the head - our roster this season was always going to finish around the bottom of the ladder. As much as I love the club and will stick by it, I know that most of the blokes that pull on the jumper every week were not wanted by their previous club, and were let go so...
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    Isaiah Papali’i #

    A big part of signing for a club is the coach and staff you'll be playing under. I don't totally blame the bloke, I'd be annoyed too if I took up a new job only to learn the joint had been turned upside down before I arrived. No doubt this has been ticking along ever since Madge was shown the...
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    R.I.P Paul Green

    Big shock. Thoughts are with his family..
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    Asu "AJ" Kepaoa #236

    He had some shockers early in his career, but has improved a lot this season. Good to see he has re-signed. He may not be a superstar but will get us through the next few years.
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    What Annoys You

    People who lazily resort to calling others "woke" over pretty normal things or without offering any real argument. For example, I saw a complaint letter accusing my company of "going woke" over switching to recycled paper.
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    Wests Tigers Board & Ceo Discussion

    There's enough hot air in this thread to inflate a year's worth of Steedens for our new Centre of Excellence. The board exists primarily to hire the CEO, ensure we stay in business, don't break the law and have good policies and procedures in place to make sure people aren't stealing from the...
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    Fox NRL Commentators are the biggest Cancer on Wests Tigers

    I'm not sticking up for the Fox dropkicks, but here's how I see it. NRL isn't a big sport by any means. It's only popular in two states of Australia. Most of the time there is not much to report on. But, we have a tv channel dedicated to it and journos who are tasked with getting views and...