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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Isn’t it funny how rudderless Melbourne were last night without their halfback, Jerome Hughes, a fantastic player. How would they go all season without him? Their great forward pack couldn’t even get them over the line. However, they will come back. As a Weststigers supporter, I had to laugh at...
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Sua, it wouldn’t be to the Weststigers. Uncle Wayne would want him back. Like Broncos & Souths. Go Weststigers!
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    Live Game Discussion, VS Roosters - Round 23 *Spoilers*

    Did anyone notice just before the press conference, a Weststigers representative, probably from media, warning JT about media protocols. JT spoke very well, containing what he really thought. GO WESTSTIGERS!
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    Wests Tigers Team vs Newcastle - Round 21

    On paper, they should do us comfortably. Go Weststigers!
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Gus explained loan contracts on a program this week. Nofo’s contract is terminated by Weststigers, new Melbourne contract for set period, new Weststigers contract to resume beginning of next year. In conclusion, one contract per player per club. If player injured? Insurance covered by the club...
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    Manly Inclusive Pride jersey backlash

    Seinfeld, way before his time. Here’s your ribbon, No thanks. Put on the ribbon! No thanks, Why don’t you put on the ribbon? I don’t want to put on the ribbon? Hey Manny, this guy won wear the ribbon! WHO WON’T WEAR THE RIBBON? Go Weststigers,
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    Wests Tigers Coaches

    I thought the idea of sacking Mage mid year was to give the new coach time to view operations within the club, pick his/her own roster with plenty of cap to spend & settle in for next year. This appears to be sticking to the initial plan. As for releasing players, I agree with others & the club...
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    Wests Tigers Coaches

    When Tim Sheens was released from his duties previously - I was not in support. His interviews & wisdom were outstanding. However, one of my bosses, an old bloke said we missed our opportunity at a very good coach by the name of Flanagan. The rest is history. I hope we don’t miss him this time...
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    Observations from Yesterday's Game

    Just watched Sundays game after reading all the negative comments on live game & related topics. I thought the referring was fair, Flanagan’s summation on the Weststigers performance is fair. I don’t know what people are expecting this season particularly with quality players leaving mid season...
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    Full Strength Team After The Bye

    Can anyone definitively state the last time we won a game before a bye round? I cannot remember a win. Go Weststigers!
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    All these players except Benji were enticed away from the Weststigers by lucractive payments, which we could not or would not match - due to our salary cap. The figures reported were way over what most ppl on this forum thought was fair value. I don’t blame the players one bit. I personally...
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    Luke Brooks - Mega Thread

    Agree, Luke Brooks is a fine NRL footballer, who always has his perceived best or standout seasons when he has the support of a good kicking hooker. This option alleviates pressure on his general game and kicking game. It’s the same for any NRL halfback. If Liddell can dramatically improve his...
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    After you pay off your mortgage

    Legitimate question. With a portfolio as large as yours, and declaring numerous applied strategies, why are you asking people on this forum for financial options? This is like Penrith asking the Bulldogs for advice. Go Weststigers!
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    Rate This Season Overall Out Of 10

    10 - we were supposed to get the wooden spoon again. Go Weststigers! Sorry, skim reading didn’t work.
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    Madge Maguire - Mega Thread

    Welcome back Alltheway. Go Weststigers!
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    Madge Maguire - Mega Thread

    Thanks Alltheway, seeyoulater. GoWestigers!
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    What about that 2nd rower from Parra that can’t get a start? Matterson, he was pretty good & probably needs a change of club to resurrect his career. Go Weststigers,
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    Joel Caine gives his opinion

    Good opinion piece, reflective, non biased observation. Go Weststigers!
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Just heard the MMM team talking about how the Parramatta roster really needs improving. What does this say about our organisation, roster & performances compared to theirs. I would say we are doing great! Imagine if we only had 3 or 4 of their players on our team. Like a few sensible...
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    Coach can't train intelligence.

    the players last night had every opportunity to win and they didn’t get it done. How do you explain the following factors:- 1. No hooker on the bench to replace Liddle. 2. The short drop outs 3. Luc never getting interchanged These issues are all poor tactics. That is the domain of the coach...