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    What song are you listening to?

    and couldn't judith durham sing- all the more remarkable as she battled a lung condition from an early age
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    Trivia Question of the Day

    Allan Bond?
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    Cricket Season Thread

    throw away the batting coaching manuals that say to get your foot to the pitch of the ball - smith has certainly revolutionised how to hit the cricket ball.
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    benji turning tony carroll over to prevent a try in the semi final in brisbane in ths same game benji interecpting a pass and outpacing brett seymour to score.They were magic memories for any wests tigers supporters.
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    Neville hornery ,singularly ,used to pick blokes up and pile drive opposition players headfirst into the ground. Some days he got away with it too.The bloke always got up though. Occasionally the bengal lancer would run onto the field and spoil the fun and tell the referee. No bunker...
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    and his memorable conversion from the sideline after a corey thompson try was probably the last time the team beat the roosters
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    A draft was tried in the 90's but only lasted a year,as it was challenged and termed as a restraint of trade. Even if it was reintroduced the powerbrokers would find ways of getting around it. Oh to be a rich and powerful team like the roosters- they certainly wouldn't vote for a draft.They...
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    One of the things (amongst many) we lack

    yes i meant toa apologies
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    One of the things (amongst many) we lack

    Backing up and getting the pass away. Dane Laurie was there several times for the offload in the first half yesterday but the ball carrier didnt get the ball away. the katoa try against the cowgirls was a result of laurie backing up on the the inside of dooey. thats what i want to see the...
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    NRL admits bunker mistake

    just watching the end of the cowgirls game.Was that the short or long whistle?
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    Judith Durham died today

    And couldnt she sing apart from their early hits, the seekers version of we are australian is unforgettable- particularly judith's solo sad day
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    David Nofoaluma #164

    close but no cigar for david- thought he played well
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    David Nofoaluma #164

    Will nofa score a try against the titans tonight? Should be compelling viewing.
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    NRL admits bunker mistake

    an nrl intern cops the blame? joe the cameraman revisited,perhaps.
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    We are deservedly angry... lets turn frustration into action!

    yes the manly thing was a convenient distration away from the tigers thing for the nrl,
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    Fresh twist in Tigers saga: Holmes should’ve been penalised for illegal kick-off

    suck it up would appear to be the nrl s response to the wests tigers on so many injustices in the last minute of that game. i dont want the club to relent and make as much a fuss as possible-it may result in nothing for the tigers but there may be a positive outcome. if you have ever coached a...
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    Moving forward

    no sand buckets nor kicking tees in those days - they had to dig and gather enough dirt to put the ball on= it took some time for the poor bugger to create a mound
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    Moving forward

    yep, you always knew golden boots would kick em
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    NRL admits bunker mistake

    a lot of my non tiger supporter colleagues were gobsmacked by the bunker decision yesterday. The nrl cant sit on their hands this time or their credibility will be extremely damaged Any fair minded person could see the injustice done to wests tigers yesterday. The 2022 advertising campaign for...