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  1. mike

    Starford To’a #253

    Not true @happy_tiger. Eg. Brooks was an arm grabber and basically a turnstile in his first few seasons but has turned into a very good defender.
  2. mike

    What song are you listening to?

    You know you are old when the “Golden Oldies” are the songs and tunes you grew up on.
  3. mike

    Luke Brooks - #167

    Yes you can. That’s what every contract update entails. They will be doing something similar for Brooks if he agrees. Edit: The NRL has a value on what each player is worth. You cannot grossly undervalue a player. Both the NRL and the Players Association won’t allow it.
  4. mike

    Luke Brooks - #167

    What are you talking about. That’s exactly what they did for Chris Lawrence. Dunno about Jackson, maybe he didn’t agree with the plan. Again you cannot backend contracts anymore. You can frontend them or spread the payments over the life of the contract. During the contact period you can...
  5. mike

    Luke Brooks - #167

    No it’s not. You are not allowed to back-end a contract but nothing to stop a club evening out the payments over the life of a contract.
  6. mike

    First look at Concord Oval revamp

    I get it, you like crap facilities. Enjoy.
  7. mike

    Jackson Hastings - #251 Mega Thread

    Would love Hastings to stay. Best game manager the Wests Tigers have had since Prince. Honestly though I don’t think the club feels the same way. Plays him at lock in defence and half in attack. Ridiculous, putting unnecessary workload on him in defence. I think he’ll be gone in 2024 to the...
  8. mike

    Jackson Hastings - #251 Mega Thread

    He’s a good financial manager, that’s it. There is more to being a CEO than that. He is one of the worst NRL CEO’s ever. The sooner he is gone the better off the club will be. COE is his legacy, have a successful winning Rugby League club isn’t. Apart from the COE he has been responsible for one...
  9. mike

    Jackson Hastings - #251 Mega Thread

    Still doesn’t make him qualified to be CEO of a Rugby League Club. He has been CEO of the worst years of Wests Tigers. Much of it his making. He needs to be elsewhere.
  10. mike

    Jackson Hastings - #251 Mega Thread

    Pascoe doesn’t have the makings of a Rugby League Club CEO. His background is AFL and that’s where he belongs.
  11. mike

    The Wests Tigers Lament Thread

    Wests Ashfield Board members have lost their position on the Wests Tigers Board for suggesting less. Never going to happen. The Tigers brand is too important to the NRL. It will always be the Wests Tigers.
  12. mike

    The Melbourne Cup

    Just checked. All horses finished. None were put down. “All 22 horses finished in fine condition”.
  13. mike

    Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here

    To add to the discussion about NZ voting, I’ll just throw this in… “The Commonwealth” shall mean the Commonwealth of Australia as established under this Act. “The States” shall mean such of the colonies of New South Wales, New Zealand, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, and...
  14. mike

    LIVE GAME 2022 Grand Final Live Game Discussion

    Missed on both counts.
  15. mike

    NRL Finals 2022 - Spoilers

    As he scores on Full-Time
  16. mike

    NRL Finals 2022 - Spoilers

    Klein is just slanted. Terrible ref who thinks the game is all about him.
  17. mike

    Remembering Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022

    A funny and true story about the Queen: Around 2005, the Queen and her Personal Protection Officer, Dick Griffin, were walking alone one afternoon in the hills near the Scottish royal castle, Balmoral. Two tourists approached them, and engaged in conversation. Griffin recalls: "There were two...
  18. mike

    NRL Finals 2022 - Spoilers

    The problem is not the rules but the Bunker. The Bunker is in charge of the game not the Ref. Restrict the Bunker to try scoring situations only and the problem will disappear. Players are doing equivalent of a ‘Captain Challenge’ by staying down. It’s getting as bad as soccer, maybe even worse...
  19. mike

    Isaiah Papali’i #

    She certainly has joined the NZ National squad for 22/23 Silver Ferns Squad: Karin Burger Gina Crampton Ameliaranne Ekenasio Sulu Fitzpatrick Maddy Gordon Kate Heffernan Kayla Johnson Kelly Jury Phoenix Karaka Grace Nweke Mila Reuelu-Buchanan Shannon Saunders Te Paea Selby-Rickit Whitney...