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  1. tigertweed

    John Bateman #

    Bit skeptical on length of contract but happy to be proved wrong
  2. tigertweed

    Corey Thompson announces his retirement

    Smaller player, big footy IQ, HUGE heart
  3. tigertweed

    Joe Ofahengaue #240

    Yeah Joffa
  4. tigertweed

    Your team for the Raiders

    1.Laurie 2.Toa 3.Naden 4.JTJ 5.Junior Tupou 6.AD 7.Jock 8.Joffa 9.Simpkin 10.Tamou 11.Garner 12.Freebairn 13.Brown 14.Dias 15.Musgrove 16.Pole 17.Tualagi 18.wish and a prayer
  5. tigertweed

    Joe Ofahengaue #240

    Apologies guys for starting a new Joffa thing, still finding my feet here. Didn’t mean to create more bloated threads. Was just trying to congratulate Joffa on 150.
  6. tigertweed

    Joe Ofahengaue #240

    As dismal as this year has been just wanted to wish Joffa a congrats on 150 FG games. Seems to play tough and hope he stays with us for a while yet.
  7. tigertweed

    Your team for the Roosters

    1.Laurie 2.toa 3.naden 4.jimmy jet 5.Kenny if truly fit otherwise tupou 6.adam 7.jock 8.pole 9.simpkin 10.Joffa 11.garner 12.seyfarth brown 14.musgrove 15. Dias 16.tamou 17.peachy or liddle
  8. tigertweed

    Isaiah Papali’i #

    I don’t know if upsetting/alienating the fans of the new club you’re supposed to be going to is a great play, and leads me to believe he is looking for a legal out or us to severe ties first. I hope I’m wrong cause I want him in tigers colours.
  9. tigertweed

    David Nofoaluma #164

    Unpopular opinion: Politics and player swapping aside, I love Nofzilla!
  10. tigertweed

    Live game thread vs the Cowboys

    Skeptical optimism loading for 2nd half.
  11. tigertweed

    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    As a generalised statement in regards to recruiting, we need guys who don’t just love winning, we need guys who HATE LOSING. I’m not saying I know who these guys are but Joffa, Douhei and Hastings seem to hate losing.
  12. tigertweed

    Round 19 Tigers & NQ Teams

    Ok thank you 🙏 Pole to be a regular I’d imagine, hopefully he kicks on better then Mikaele
  13. tigertweed

    Round 19 Tigers & NQ Teams

    No Matamua this week? Injured or dropped? I was hopeful of his start to first grade but wasn’t all that impressed. Won’t be writing him off but maybe a thorough off season will do him wonders.
  14. tigertweed

    Rd 17 KOE Cup Team List vs Eels

    Looks like Cini has bulked up a little. Same haircut though
  15. tigertweed

    Your team for Parra

    I’m seeing Twal in a few teams here. I was under the impression he was out for the season just to be safe. Could be wrong though (it’s happened before)
  16. tigertweed

    321 vs Warriors

    Cheers. Lurker turned member glad to be here
  17. tigertweed

    321 vs Warriors

    3- Joffa 2- Ken M 1- Noffa