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    Mitchell Pearce

    So Hastings is too slow. But we are interested in Pearce. We should of went after Pearce when the roosters got rid of him.
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    What if..

    What if - we turned it around this weekend, and the spine clicks. 🤞
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    Team for the Broncos

    If they pick Brooks and they will it can be in the number 6. He should be marked never to wear the 7 again. This game could be our first win of the season or first flogging.
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    Next Weeks Team

    Will lose again.
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    It has to end...

    We need Api, Bateman, Klemmer, Ice to call for a meeting with Management and Sheens and demand that they get a decent 1,6 and 7 for next season or they will all ask for a release. We don't have a decent one in our top 30.
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    LIVE GAME Round 4 vs Storm

    I need to remember not to bother watching the game next week.
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    LIVE GAME Round 4 vs Storm

    We will get the spoon
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    LIVE GAME Round 4 vs Storm

    I think the second half will be a carve up.
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    Brooks is tanking

    The club needs to do Brooks are favour and say he won't re ssigned.and we were stupid enough to extend AD for 2024. Dumb club.
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    LIVE GAME Round 4 vs Storm

    I think we are buggered as a club and cannot be fixed.
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    LIVE GAME Round 4 vs Storm

    Geez we don't look like we want to play
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    I think Super League is his only option. If we don't want him and we are the reigning wooden spooners that says alot.
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    I think the issue is Sheens

    I wouldn't be surprised if Sheens only coaches this year and Benji takes over from 24.
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    It's time for Noffa to go to the UK to finish his career.
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    Enough is Enough Start Winning!!

    I cannot believe the mistakes the club keeps making. We are a divided club and things won't improve until the club wakes up. Lee and Pascoe need to go they are part of the problem. Coaches and players haven't been interested in coming to this club for 10 years. This is a reflection on...
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    Onya Bateman!

    Great first game.
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    Our Half’s have nothing and are holding us back?

    Next week side will be interesting. AD is only a centre at best.