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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Does he attract a salary cap concession because he signed from rugby union?
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    Nathan Merrit

    Great player in his position. Hope he makes a full recovery
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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Living in a household full of Penrith supporters our "golden years" can't come quick enough. Maybe the Tigers dominate the second half of the decade like the Panthers have the first.
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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    We are due some luck
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    What song are you listening to?

    Was in the Abba museum in Stockholm - my wife is an Abba tragic - and was reminded of this very respectable early 80s effort from Frida .
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    What song are you listening to?

    Saw Rammstein in Vienna on Thursday. OK some controversy around them at the moment but they sure can put on a show.
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    Dean blore

    I understand Shaun captained NSW at under 19 level. The bar is high with him if he stays injury free
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    Cogger vs Sezer

    We gave Ivan Cleary free reign to sign who he wanted and that didn't end well. Coach should have a major say but there needs to be some oversight
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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Is it just me or is the way player managers operate now a blight on the game? I know Sea Eagles fans think Luke Brooks and Anthony Seibold having the same manager is no coincidence
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    3-2-1 3-2-1 vs Raiders

    3 Bateman 2 Pole 1 Brooks Some other very respectable efforts
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    3 2 1 vs Cowboys

    Really difficult tonight with so many really good performers, but here goes: 3 Brooks. With the benefit of a dominant forward pack he delivered big time tonight 2 Bateman. Tough and skilful 3 Utoikamanu. Laid a great platform. Strong with and without the ball With the continued development of...
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    Anthony Field wants to buy Wests Tigers

    Move on there is nothing to see here
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    Appointment of Scott Fulton to Wests Tigers

    The club's football department is now full of people that have had past associations with the Tigers. This is a good thing up to a point. However, bringing someone in from a different system who can offer an independent perspective surely has some benefit. I think the Tigers are now probably...
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    FIFA World Cup thread

    Watched the final from Cusco in Peru. A popular win here
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    Charlie Staines #262

    Ran into Charlie in Glenbrook the Tuesday after the grand final. My wife had on her Panthers cap and he was kind enough to pose for a photo with her. Mentioned to him the Tigers would go better in 2023 and he seemed to agree. Persoanlly think he has a fair bit of potential. In the flesh he is a...
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    LIVE GAME 2022 Grand Final Live Game Discussion

    Was at the game last night - the rest of the family support the Panthers. Parra were gone a long way out. Actually, started to feel a bit sorry for the Parramatta supporters. They have waited a long time for success.
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    Mental Health Discussion

    What issues Paul Green was having in his life we will never really know. Being involved in professional sport certainly doesn't make you immune from developing depression. If anything the weight of expectations and relentless media scrutiny is likely in some cases to have a negative impact on...
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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    From memory we once played Curtis Sironen at half back against Penirth - and won. So maybe
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    3, 2, 1 vs Brisbane R20

    3 Doueihi - bonus getting all his goal kicks 2 Ofahengaue - got over the top of Broncos forwards 1 Hastings/Madden - both big contributors to the win Realistically plenty of players could have gotten points. An encouraging team performance
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    Is Poor Officiating Going To End Up In Court

    OK mistakes happen but compounding mistakes of this magnitude that directly decide the result of a match shouldn't be acceptable. It is a compl;ete travesty. The captain's challenge was introduced to allow a team to challenge, when a stoppage in play has occurred, a referee's desicion to award...