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    Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here

    That party was created ages ago but they went under.
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    Joeys $1.8 million Bulldogs fix....

    Seeing that the WT have been showing stability and competiveness in every game this season, It's obvious that the media commentators are becoming increasingly envious of our strong progression. Recently it was buzz Rothfield's marketing ploy to get the coaching job for his mate with us, and now...
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    Adblue - A looming Crisis?

    Dear folks, you must also know this. You don't even need to worry about an invasion by China and starving to death by the effects of a war with them, because by not learning from his past mistakes Scomo is now determined to starve us to death. The amount of shame in the past and the damages...
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    Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here

    It is another very disturbing news from this govt. This would mean that by being so incompetent Scomo and his national shame committee have inflicted such great damage to our future that it would take a tremendous amount of effort, time and funding to fix all this garbage that he has put us into.
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    Score Prediction Vs Doggies

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    Twal’s First Try

    It's not without reason that his name is Twal, it is an acronym. Tries Will Always be Lacking
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    Our coach and team are now performing as good as they can be with what we have. This article by fox league is not an opinion or advice with good intentions from these Hypocrites. It is another abusive marketing ploy designed to get the job for their friend Flanagan. Lee H. is a successful and...
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    Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here

    😀😀Yeah right, i'm sure he would have been inspired by his mentor and the sexual offender Brian Houstan for Morrison to say those divine words, Mate it's not funny but sometimes you just need to laugh at these lunatics.
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    Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here

    This country will never have a religiously fanatic leader, and neither do we ever want one, the electorates would know how to take care of that. But since 15 years ago (2007) the then desperate Morrison has been playing the, what i would prefer to call is, the religious card and has failed...
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours

    It's not the contract ext. that is the objectionable thing by the fans, But what may be objectionable is, will the new contract have the correct price? And if it's not done with the correct price then that will surely stir up a lot of fans on this forum, Which then could make the Luke Brooks...
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours

    Since the parra gane six weeks ago, We have actually looked much much better now than before then. It would seem that Hastings is the biggest reason for the improvements but i would prefer to say that the team is a lot more composed now.
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours

    Players only show Loyalty when they are given Royalty (extra cash) In terms of a players income, when another club offers him what seems like Royalty then the pressures of holding on to Loyalty at his current club would mostly become to appear as trivial. With the very high cost of living...
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    Refereeing destroying the Game

    This weekend is the NSWRL Respect round, it is meant to encourage the states fans and community to engage in positive behaviour towards referees, During this NRL seasons launch, It would appear that the NRL had a little different approach to this idea. Would all the clubs who respect our...
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    What's in the Media

    Throw the cowboys off the saddle like a strong smart horse would.
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    NRL 360

    It all depends if the costs of replacing him outweighs the benefits for rhem. It is all driven by profits for their business with fake morals, wolfs in sheep's clothing.
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours

    There must be a way to protect the juniors from these sort of injuries. Otherwise we will be losing an increasing number of them who truly love this sport and we may never get to see their talents that they have. This is not soccer we are talking about a heavy contact sport. The NRL must find...
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    Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here

    God forbid, This is one thing we do not want to happen, If you thought things are bad now then that would be disastrous for the Libs. and Aust. If it were to happen. He is a complete donk and knucklehead.
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    KOE NSW Cup Team List Round 9 V Sea Eagles

    I rate that as a very good assessment, thanks for that.
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    Refereeing destroying the Game

    Thats true too mate, but recently there's no doubting that, although we have outperformed some these teams we are still losing but it's all due to the bias and bad calls by the hypocrite refs, Some of these bad calls even when we are attacking are costing us heavily by giving the refs favoured...
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    Refereeing destroying the Game

    It is so obvious, I believe it is corruption by the refs, But, The fish stinks from the head, Graham Annesley, And while this person is in charge of the refs, then nothing will change for the better and we will not see a fair, level playing field.