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  1. Carefactor

    Is next week must win?

    haha... do it , it will last at least until this shit show is kicked out of the comp
  2. Carefactor

    Is next week must win?

    It's done and dusted ... the same ingrained Weststigers DNA is still there for all to see.. The names change but the story doesn't unfortunately.
  3. Carefactor

    Jayden "Bud" Sullivan #278

    Keep a sick bag handy.
  4. Carefactor

    Jayden "Bud" Sullivan #278

    I want to put my hand up here :( . I was one who sang the praises of Sulivan and I can openly admit I was totally wrong. I really thought he had some x factor but thus far he has shown absolutely zero , I'm even struggling to understand how his ability even got him anywhere near a rugby...
  5. Carefactor

    Your team for Panthers

    which one ??? We have more flippers then the Dolphins .
  6. Carefactor

    Speed - what is it?

    Maybe lots after the game though 🤔
  7. Carefactor

    Speed - what is it?

    Speed is players we get rid of ... Marika Koribete , Josh Addo Carr etc
  8. Carefactor

    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    I suggest we sign that fiery number 6 from Manly , seems to have way more skill, superior speed , defensive aggression and commitment then anyone in our back line. Maybe wrong but seems their fans appreciate having him in the side Perhaps he is under a long term contract and no chance...
  9. Carefactor

    How did the reserve players 18-25 go last night v Dragons?

    Is Solomona Faataape not eligible to play ? Thought he went well against the Warriors , offered far more then 1 good game Toa.
  10. Carefactor

    Membership Numbers 2024

    Least they dont change where your seats are booked and move you to the hill , then sell where u paid for to the public for 60 bucks.... Thats SCUMMY! and it was our club doing it
  11. Carefactor

    LIVE GAME Trial 2 vs. Dragons

  12. Carefactor

    LIVE GAME Trial 1 vs. Warriors

    So why are they even on our books getting paid ? We can all see particular players that are just void of any skill, ability and potential to ever become an NRL player even after watching them in just one game ,,, Yet our club seems to continually have a plethora of these guys in our...
  13. Carefactor

    Genuine advice sought…

    This is why she has been promoted so heavily .
  14. Carefactor

    Lachlan Galvin #277

    except 30kg heavier and 14 cm's taller.. 🤪
  15. Carefactor

    Vale Carl Webb

    No just another insidious disease that selects random victims , Former tiger / magpie Scott Gale was another taken early from this horrible cause :(
  16. Carefactor

    World's best beer

    What about Budweiser?? Sales are thru the roof apparently 🍺
  17. Carefactor

    John Bateman #268

    His business is playing f$%king NRL , how about he gets busy with that!
  18. Carefactor

    Jarome Luai

    Ummm giving the spoon to St George id imagine .
  19. Carefactor

    Jarome Luai

    Just a wink and a nudge 😉
  20. Carefactor

    Jarome Luai

    He will be here in 2024 . I think people thought i was joking before when i said it .