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    TEAM LIST Round 7 vs. Panthers

    Stoked to see Banji make the hard calls and drop Sullivan. Hope Naden plays well but the whole team looks better.
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    Your team for Panthers

    Looks like Klemmer has only been fined and right to play. Some good news for a change
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    Jayden "Bud" Sullivan #278

    Judging by the PC Benji's comments suggest he will be dropped and rightly so. I would rather have TDS, Latu or even Nadan as 14th man. D day will be at 4pm Tuesday to see if Benji drops him.
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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Maybe time to try guys like Angus C from Roosters or J Su'a from Dragons as they make our 2nd rowers look like reserve graders. They add aggression that we clearly lack all over the park.
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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    We need to jump in late and just get Lomax over as he is someone we clearly lack and once again played excellent.. Where is our Lomax coming from ???
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    LIVE GAME Round 6 vs. Dragons

    Dragons are just too big and playing harder IMO.. I cannot wait for Galvin to be back and Sullivan gone
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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    He doesn't walk from his contract unless something is lined up.. Dragons IMO
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    Samuela Fainu #280

    Feel for Sam as he is a weapon and was missed when he went off. I was at the game so hard to see what happened exactly, but I did see that the Dolphins play has been hit with a 3 game suspension and we got nothing for it on the field. Once again, it's just a battle most weeks against 14 on...
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    Latu Fainu #282

    Any update on Latu ? Thoughts on his game last night ? I was at the game and it looked like he didn't real get a chance to show his skills but do believe he is a better 6 than Sullivan.
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    Next weeks team v dragons

    Please NO Sullivan.. Would rather run with Api at 7 with Sezer in 6, Simpkins at 9 and TDS at 14. (providing Latu is out) Sullivan is hopeless and comes across as a player worried about HIS performance and not the team. Hogs the ball and tries to do the fluke plays way took often. Sorry...
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    CEO - Shane Richardson

    And he fully deserves it... Him joining us is a sliding door moment and one we will look back on and celebrate..
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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    You don't walk from a 800k contract if you don't have something lined up. Hope we are in the mix but hard to tell considering Richardson said you won't hear a word from us leaked or we walk now.
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    Samuela Fainu #280

    Love this bloke and he is worth every cent we paid.. He just has that aggression we lack
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    LIVE GAME Round 4 vs. Eels

    Because its us and not every other team..
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    TEAM LIST Round 4 vs. Eels

    Check the date mate... Might have something to do with this.. ;)
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    Latu Fainu #282

    Did anyone watch the game that can update us on how Latu went?
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    LIVE GAME Round 3 vs. Sharks

    I was really impressed with a lot of the players tonight and I think they all needed this result to show them this is the reward IF you ALL put in and work as a team. Sezer's Kicking was top notch but MOM for me was Api as he worked to a stand still and now we know he was sick makes it even...
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    LIVE GAME Round 3 Discussion ••SPOILERS••

    For all us Tigers fans out there you don't have to worry about Souths getting flogged and winless on the bottom of the ladder as DT and Fox Sports will still have the daily Tigers bashing articles out tomorrow for us to read.. Might only be 2 articles and not the usual 4 for the day but...
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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    I would not say no to some aggressive forwards as we seem to get out muscled most games and it's a big factor in winning games. Look at most teams and they have players that you just don't want to tackle and who attract like 3 defenders which creates space.
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    LIVE GAME *SPOILERS* Round 2 vs Raiders

    People need to remember that this was our 1st game and Raider's 2nd game. Alot of teams were very scratchie last week so will be better for the run but IMO we confirmed Galvin and Sezer should be 6/7 next week and I would have TDS as 14. Bud didn't impress me at all and when Latu F is fit he...