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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    So, where would you find him?
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    Climate Change

    Isn't the government still selling our terrible coal and uranium? China is building two coal power stations a week plus nuclear ones as well. Way to go Australia.
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    Climate Change

    Ah religion , don't you love it?
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    Climate Change

    Oh God!
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    OFFICIAL Pathways - KOE General Discussion

    Don't tell the doomsdayers.
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    Latrell : Exposed

    Mitchell and his sparing partner, plus Walker, will bring Souths down.
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    Next weeks team v dragons

    Ice should be on thin ice. Any line breaks this year? Heaps of missed tackles including one last night which led to a try. Bench.
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    The superannuation gig...

    You are correct. It wasn't Alexander.
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    TEAM LIST Round 5 vs. Dolphins

    Sezer to kick deep all night. Pin them in their own half. Way to go.
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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Someone said that Api was getting his retirement fund from WT. So far he has earned every dollar and then some.
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    Rugby league history

    Ray Brown, Warren Boland, Tommy R and Graham O ' Grady.
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    TEAM LIST Round 4 vs. Eels

    He is overrated alright.
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    CEO - Shane Richardson

    One of the largest and fastest growing Junior areas. Justification enough?
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    CEO - Shane Richardson

    No more so than Campbelltown.
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    Wests Tigers Home Ground Mega Thread

    Yes there is. Team name Brisbane aka Broncos. St George aka Dragons. Penrith aka Panthers. Wests aka Tigers. Etc etc. Get it?
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    Wests Tigers Home Ground Mega Thread

    Your comprehension needs some work. I pointed out that the facilities at co where there for everyone's convenience.
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    Wests Tigers Home Ground Mega Thread

    Check my post again. It's simple. CO has better infrastructure, accessibility etc. The government has stated that there's no money for LO. Forget it. .
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    Wests Tigers Home Ground Mega Thread

    Wests Tigers do not have a home ground, spiritual or otherwise. LO .may be sacred turf for Balmain supporters but not Wests supporters. CO also needs an upgrade but for fans convenience it's the pick. Railway station next to the ground, M5 very close and the Leagues club next-door. Plenty of...