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    Stefano Utoikamanu #241

    I humbly disagree with your second paragraph here. We often lose the game in the first 20 minutes when he's on and do better when he leaves the field. eg. St George. Too often his numbers are plumped up by his second stint when the opposition have taken their foot off the pedal. At his best he...
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    LIVE GAME Round 15 vs. Titans

    That was Olam's fault. There was no need to push in.
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    TEAM LIST Round 14 vs. Dragons

    I hope that all our players are OK to back up after Origin.
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    LIVE GAME Origin Game 1 Discussion

    He's out of his depth here.
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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    I can't say that Benji didn't want him, but what I can say is that Sullivan's manager, Mario Tartak and Fulton had way too much influence on the list at that time with the support of Pascoe and Hagipantelis.
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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Nah. You're getting confused with the Sezer - Cogger call. Benji wanted Sezer and Fulton wanted Cogger. Benji won over that time.
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    Stefano Utoikamanu #241

    I decided to watch his first stint again - and I reckon anyone commenting here should do the same. He lacked any intent in both attack and defence. Not one dirty hit up and didn't hit anyone with any force at all. Klemmer played with more intent and that's saying something. He is never going to...
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    Hear me out…

    Username checks out....
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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    No - Fulton was keen to bring him over. Benji said no.
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    LIVE GAME Trial 2 vs. Dragons

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    Had some great coffee recently in Spain and France. Just have to know what to order, cortado in Spain and noisette in France - asking for a latte anywhere is asking for trouble. Vietnamese coffee is also fantastic.
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    CEO - Shane Richardson

    And pulls the pin after talking to Benji......
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    Alex Twal #206

    Fulton is a myth.
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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Please tell me this is a joke. Not only is he ordinary (except when he plays against the Tigers), but he has one of the most punchable faces in the league.
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    LIVE GAME Round 21 vs. Dragons

    Talau is so hopeless. How many overlaps did he butcher?
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    So let me get this right....

    Gee, you're a real quality human being......
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    Sam Walker

    Walker's injured.
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    Signings, Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Gee, there's some dumb comments on here. If you reckon he didn't follow the game plan to a tee, then you're the one with issue. He doesn't need to disclose what the talk was about at half time to the media, or to you. You only have to see the conversations he was having at half time as well as...
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    Daine Laurie #237

    Naden is predominantly a centre. Source -
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    LIVE GAME Round 6 spoilers

    ^^^^^^ This, although it's not funny!