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  1. Pascoes_barber

    TEAM LIST Round 20 vs. Rabbitohs

    Well yeah - He's shithouse.
  2. Pascoes_barber

    3 2 1 vs Sharks

    He could be and assuredly was.
  3. Pascoes_barber

    Like a broken record..

    Offloading some of the club's dregs. And hopefully identifying an experienced coach.
  4. Pascoes_barber

    Like a broken record..

    Been patient since 1990. I have no idea how 2005 even happened. Total fluke.
  5. Pascoes_barber

    LIVE GAME Round 19 vs. Sharks

    Yes. Has been the case since 2022.
  6. Pascoes_barber

    LIVE GAME Round 19 vs. Sharks

    Poor bastard. First game back this season after fracturing his foot.
  7. Pascoes_barber


    :unsure: Taking a dump?
  8. Pascoes_barber

    Lachlan Galvin #277

    He sounds perfectly level headed.
  9. Pascoes_barber

    CEO - Shane Richardson

    That brilliant legal mind Lee burnt his bridges very publicly. So this is not surprising.
  10. Pascoes_barber

    Stefano Utoikamanu #241

    Agreed 100%. Needs punting.
  11. Pascoes_barber

    Stefano Utoikamanu #241

    If he actually put in 100% effort week in week out we might be a chance of playing finals too.
  12. Pascoes_barber

    Things that make you laugh!! 😂

    Old mate
  13. Pascoes_barber

    Luke Brooks #167

    Actually I was referring to his most recent efforts for Manly.
  14. Pascoes_barber

    Luke Brooks #167

    How good are mid-field bombs straight to the opposition winger though.
  15. Pascoes_barber

    Luke Brooks #167

    Yep. Glad to see he took his skills and consistency and is now inflicting them on a different club.