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    **Live game thread* WT vs Warriors

    I am OK with the effort in defence, particularly in the first half. I'd like to know the possession count. We couldn't have had more than 40% Our attack is ordinary, with so much to be done. As long as they keep putting the effort in defence in over the rest of the year I will be OK. After we...
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    Wests Tigers Coach - Mega Thread

    I didn't see the game, but I always thought he needed to be used in bursts, not an 80 minute player. How was he used last night.
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    Stop contributing to the club

    Genuine question as I don't know much about Noddy as a coach, can you expand on your thinking with the last line of your post, 'He might not be the coach we want but I think he could be the coach we need.'
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    What's in the Media

    You have a fine son there Macca.
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    I was at Geoff's funeral today as well. It was a great send off for a highly respected and loved man. It was really nice to meet a couple of forum members there as well. God bless you all. Love to get a win in his honour this weekend.
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    Wests Tigers Coach - Mega Thread

    Agree Finnzo. We all know this season is lost, and we don't want the spoon. But really if we stay 14th - woohoo! (sarcasm by the way). I have to trust Sheens with the selection of coach. The coach selections made by the board over the past ten years have been poor to abysmal....maybe if Cleary...
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    Wests Tigers Coach - Mega Thread

    The Poms know how to produce some excellent forwards. Gareth was up there with the very best - a huge hole when he left. Funny thing, when I was a kid, the Poms were have known for having great halves, such as Rodger the Dodger. If they could have produced a Johns, Fittler, Langer, Thurston in...
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    Round 16 team vs Warriors *Official*

    I look forward to seeing the atmosphere at the ground. Well done Warriors getting back home.
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    Round 16 team vs Warriors *Official*

    Good on you, Merlot. Although I know it is hard to think positively after another terrible year. Here's to happier times- starting next year.
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    Round 16 team vs Warriors *Official*

    That'll do me.
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    Round 16 team vs Warriors *Official*

    I hope Stefano is fully over his injury. He was obviously brought back too early before.
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    Will Sheens see this out?

    Sheens is going OK in my opinion. He made a mistake (if it was him) announcing to the media they were after Ciraldo. Take a leaf out of Bennett and Gould's book - deny, deny, deny...until it happens. As for sacking Madge, I don't agree with posters that Madge stabilized the organisation and...
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    Our ambition for the rest of the season and beyond?

    2022 - give players a go who want to stay here and give 100% - get the coach sorted - hopefully one of Payten, Morris, Flanagan, Wolffe 2023 - improve in all areas on the field - make the finals or go close 2024 to 2025 - make the finals both years 2026 to 2028 - make the finals all...
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    Wests Tigers Coach - Mega Thread

    Me too, I'm an old Balmain fan, but I feel a real link with the Maggies now as well.
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    Wests Tigers Coach - Mega Thread

    I know what you mean. I remember Alan Jones taking over Balmain around 1991 or 1992. The team were just starting to slide and he looked terrible as a coach. He probably was terrible anyway, but it didn't help starting with a high profile team past their best. I really think Flanagan, Morris, or...
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    Brooks to be dropped

    I would keep Brooks because of the money we need to give another club to take him. I agree his form is poor, however, and you do need to try something different if it is not working. There are 3 or 4 forwards that should also be spending a bit of time in reserve grade - Garner, Tuilagi to name...
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours

    This would be nice.
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    Wests Tigers Coach - Mega Thread

    I could go with any of the three as well. My favourite would be Todd Payten. So I suppose, for me, there is a high chance we will get one of these coaches - trying to be positive.
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    Wests Tigers Coach - Mega Thread

    Intelligent post Lauren. A hopeful one as well. We need this.