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  1. Gazman

    Bad Luck Todd Payton

    Narrow loss to Sea Eagles prevents 2nd GF appearance _Posted using RoarFEED Android 1.2.4_
  2. Gazman

    Dally M Leader board

    I know its only early in the count, but I saw that Aaron Woods was leading followed by Benji Marshall and then Blake Austin. Would this be a first for the top 3 to be held by Current and former Wests Tigers players ?
  3. Gazman

    So are we wishing our Wests Tigers Rejects all the best ?

    Bmm at Penrith Koro at the Storm Lui at the Cowboys and Lote at The Bunnies
  4. Gazman

    Whatever happened to the camps ?

    Since Sheens left I noticed the team no longer go on Camp like they used to in Kiama. This always appeared to stem a downward slide in performances for a while and often got our seasons back on track.Was this only a Sheens idea or is this old hat now ?I just thought it may have been time to...
  5. Gazman

    Why no Medi_cab for Campbo?

    Is there a reason why there is no medi-cab for the ground it looked unprofessional for the two leg injuries tonight?
  6. Gazman


    I notice we no longer see the media reports summary in the threads after the matches but frankly I dont miss them now as do not need reminding of our performances anyway. However I caught a bit of Robbies post match interview on a news footage and it sounded like he had given up trying to find...
  7. Gazman

    Is Mick Potter out of his depth?

    This is not a criticism as its too early to tell, but usually in previous years even with injuries Sheens seemed to get the team up for a make up performance when we played crap, I wonder if Potter is able to motivate the players like Sheens did when our backs were against the wall. Its easy to...
  8. Gazman

    Maybe we were too hard on the team last week

    Just watching the Dogs & Eagles tonight Manly up 18-0 , if they keep going at this rate our performance could be looked at in a different perspective especially when you look at our bombed chances, ref decisions and taking Robbie off for a spell.
  9. Gazman

    Mindset for the remaining WT-Club teams in finals

    With all the drama being played out at present, do we give the State Cup & NYC any chance of making it all the way to the Grand Finals from this weekend. It would be a shame if this affected them and they bombed out, as this is the only ray of hope for a dismal end to a dismal season.
  10. Gazman


    Just saw Benji & partner on Fox coverage, I just realised why Benji has been off his game lately :astonished:
  11. Gazman

    Does it matter if we finish 10th ?

    I thought the season could not get any worse, but even the Dragons are going to pip us for 9th spot :blush:
  12. Gazman

    Chooseday Night Football

    Fox sports 2 are replaying the Round 20 Magpies V Bears match in 1996 at 9.00 pm. For Magpie tragics this was a classic game classic result….. Cant wait to see it again
  13. Gazman

    Benji on the Footy Show

    Anyone catch the body language and his unconvincing reply as to whether Tigers will win this weekend ? lets hope this is just to lull the Raiders in to a false sense , as it didnt strike me with confidence. Gee will be glad when we know whats happening with the coach :confused: