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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours

    Looks like Daine Laurie is injured again from the Koori knockouts according to his instagram story
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours

    There isnt much on the market until November 1st, so stay patient
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    Junior Reps 2022

    One of our juniors off to Japan for Australian Rugby schoolboys
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    Junior Reps 2022

    Where can we find it?
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours

    Musgrove for Sua?
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours

    Apparently Tom and Jake Trbojevic, and DCE are on bad terms with manly🤷‍♂️
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    Only if tigers looked more at trying to pinch players from union junior systems showing promise like this kid I’ve just come across at u/18 state Champs
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    LIVE GAME Live Game Discussion, vs St George - Round 24 *Spoilers*

    Simpkin’s service from dummy half has been good
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    Pathways Heres a video I just found of him earlier in the year
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    Might show our seniors how to do their job properly 🤷‍♂️
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    Faagatu played 34 minutes yesterday in the QLD cup Had a try to go along with 10 runs for 115 meters and 3 tackle busts
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours

    Just read Jayden Sua wants out of his dragons contract
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours
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    Your team for the Dragons

    Honestly one of the first players I’d drop would be musgrove, never rated him never will
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    ADAM DOUEIHI - Mega Thread

    Desperately need a new forward pack Musgrove mainly needs to go, absolutely never rated him
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    Brooks out for the rest of the season

    He did play Five Eight in his juniors and In penrith development systems
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    NSW Cup Team List: Round 18

    any way to watch the match?
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    REP Round *Spoilers*

    Tumeth reminds me abit of Liam Martin