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    but would miller be allowed to forfill his role if he was selected ? Humble is playing to instructions because timmy dosent have the confidence in him …......
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    Sack Sheens Thread

    moltz aysh and lote …......... but he will never sack them.............
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    what about his pathetic attempt for the last try …...........who we going to blame for that non effort ???????????????
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    This game proves one thing

    i agree eddie ,,,,,,,,,but at least we walked away with the two….........,how peeved would we be if was lost a game we led 31 nil with 16 to go ,,,,,,,,,,,,, not much will change whilst tims at the helm.
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    it dosent really matter what the fans think either way moltz will be the first player picked next week ….. His anme and Hodgos shouldnt be mentioned in the same sentence...............
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    George Rose done deal !!!

    rather rose any day … than a loser like mason..... mason offers nothing to our side or club....
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    George Rose done deal !!!

    me too,,,,, but beware he was carrying some weight when mounties played them a few weeks back….
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    Fifitas Comments

    Andrews only problem was he fell out with the coach ,,,,, which always means player is gone….. We can only hope the whole team falls out with Mr Sheens.....
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    Fifitas Comments

    Andrew could not be happier at the Sharks…... Where theres smoke theres fire......
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    Losing our Idenity

    tiger jim ,,, they played in weststigers jerseys ,,,,
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    Really surprised

    the tigers are false favorites who lack the real defensive grunt needed to win the premiership…. rugby league is won on good defence ,,,,not just good attack.....
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    Are we right in the head?

    Yes c;aws your 100% right,,, the tigers were not good enough once again….
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    No more for me this year

    well it looks like most in here agree … molzten and lui are the weak links ...... bring it on ink you tough keyboard warrior ......
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    Robbie Farah Tonight

    cam smith … best hooker to ever play the game .....but robbies last 3 games he has shown glimpses of his best form ...round 21 is when you want one of your players hitting some form ....
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    Moltzen - Run straight

    how is moltzen endorsed by wayne bennett?,, bennetts gone to the knights ….or is it a ploy to beat saints next year .....bennett knows boyd is his fullback ....
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    Moltzen - Run straight

    well said willow …. his stats do not lie ... they tell the whole story ..... now just imagine what a real fullback would do if he ran it back at pace ....maybe save his forwards 20 or metres in hit ups.....his wingers must despise him .....
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    No more for me this year

    sometimes,, most times i get the subject line out of whack ….but anyone who really bel;ieves we can go all the way with moltz at fullback and lui at 7 really dosent have a clue .. ink ive been riding you for years wouldnt have a clue when somebody is fairdinkum or winding you up .....
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    No more for me this year

    im not like some of the softies in here who have never had anything to do with rugby league other than be a supporter…..benji won us tonights game on the back of a top performance by our pack in the second 40 ..moltzens gone ,, so sheens agrees with me .. lui ... well make up your own minds...
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    Opportunity missed

    spot on ink …..let em push you around and its all over ,, have a go back and its a different story ....
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    **LIVE game thread***

    your a dead set clown tiger 05 ..on here for a laugh … mckinnon isnt playing unless you havent noticed for the break with the decisions ,,, good teams make their luck ,,, and if manly are dirty why dont the tigers get in the gutter with them and make a game of it ....thats how i would play...